What Can You Recommend For a Dog That Is Always Wanting To Chew

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting

What Can You Recommend For a Dog That Is Always Wanting To Chew

Any chew item should be supervised. Large antlers are great for heavy chewers. Have them avoid elongated toys, and instead knobby shaped items. Large raw knuckles and knee caps. Love West Paw Tux (has a cavity to fill and freeze too!).

I love Dentley’s natural antlers. They are not compressed they are real antlers and never splinter off, however they will chew them down and they can get really small and become dangerous. If I didn’t take them away from my dogs they can take them all the way down in a day. Raw hides tend to be messy and can be softened after they chew a while and I have seen dogs tear off large pieces.  I do not like to recommend them and I would never leave my dog alone with one as it can swell and get lodged in the dog throat.

Kong lasts forever with my gang, but they will get soft after a while and can be torn in big chunks. I wouldn’t recommend leaving toys out or in kennel while client is away or at work with this dogs past experience with ingesting the toys.

Extreme kongs are always pretty tough or Nylabone the hard plastic not the rubber ones. Bully sticks are good if somewhat supervised.  Use your judgement when you purchase a dog chew and know if it should be for a small dog or larger dog.



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