What Benefits Does CBD Oil Have for Dogs?

CBD oil has become one of the most widely used wellness supplements, with an increasing number of people looking for natural ways to stay healthy. The popularity of CBD goes beyond just human use, though, with pet CBD oils being the newest trend to take the industry by storm. Ongoing research has shown that dogs can benefit from CBD oil in many of the same ways that humans can. With CBD oil for dogs becoming one of the fastest-growing markets within the CBD industry, let’s take a closer look at how CBD oil could benefit your dog.

What Is CBD Oil for Dogs?

There are very few differences between how CBD oils are produced for humans and dogs. The main difference between the two is the amount of CBD contained within the oil. Pet oils contain much lower quantities because you cannot give your dog the same CBD oil that you take. CBD can be extracted from either hemp or cannabis plants before being filtered and made into usable CBD oils. CBD oil for dogs will usually be derived from hemp plants, rather than cannabis plants, as hemp does not contain much of the cannabinoid THC. THC is the primary cannabinoid that causes the psychoactive effects that many people associate with cannabis. CBD oils for humans that are derived from cannabis plants will very often contain trace amounts of THC, while this is not enough to cause effects, it is thought to be potentially dangerous for dogs. Most companies, therefore, opt to source their CBD from hemp plants, guaranteeing that your dog does not accidentally consume THC. Depending on the type of CBD oil that you choose to give your dog, it may contain other health-enhancing cannabinoids alongside CBD, such as CBDa and CBN. Cannabinoids can work together to cause the entourage effect, improving the overall effectiveness of the oil. CBD oils may also contain natural flavorings and essential oils to make them more appealing to your dog, with tasty flavors including beef, chicken, and peanut butter.

How Can CBD Oil Benefit Your Dog?

CBD oil affects your dog’s endocannabinoid system in much the same way that it affects humans, only in a smaller dose. Dogs can benefit from the full range of health benefits that have made CBD such a popular supplement option. CBD oil can be used to treat both temporary and chronic conditions, improving your dog’s overall quality of life. CBD oil is a great way to manage your dog’s anxiety. A small dose of CBD every day can reduce the effects of anxiety, helping your dog to stay calm and healthy, as discovered in a 2015 study by Blessing et al. for the Journal of Neurotherapeutics. CBD oil can also be used to treat temporary anxiety caused by external factors such as moving house and firework season. CBD oil can also help to manage physical conditions such as chronic pain. Taking CBD as a daily supplement helps to ensure that your dog’s endocannabinoid system is working to its full potential, allowing it to control pain and inflammation, which can lead to chronic pain. CBD oil can even benefit dogs that do not have any underlying health conditions. Giving your dog a daily dose of CBD oil as a supplement helps them to stay fit and healthy and fight off illnesses more effectively, in just the same way that other supplements do.

How to Give Your Dog CBD Oil

CBD oils are an excellent way to give your dog CBD as they can be added to your dog’s food as a simple way to ensure they always get their full dose. There are several brands that create flavorless CBD oils designed to be mixed with regular dog food, especially designed for dogs who do not easily take supplements and medication. CBD oils can also be given to your dog sublingually by placing a few drops of oil into their mouth and allowing it to be naturally absorbed into their bloodstream over the course of a few minutes. When choosing to give your dog CBD oil sublingually, it is always a good idea to use flavored oils as they are much more enjoyable and quickly become something that your dog looks forward to. CBD dog treats that contain CBD oil are another great way to turn CBD into a daily treat for your dog. Purekana sells a range of delicious dog treats that are made with high-quality, dog-friendly CBD oil. The range includes Blueberry & Chicken treats, and Peanut Butter & Pumpkin. Final Thoughts on CBD Oil for Dogs CBD oils designed for dogs are a great alternative to your dog’s regular supplements, which are very often packed with artificial ingredients. CBD oils for dogs will usually be made using all-natural, organically sourced ingredients, giving you peace of mind that your dog is only consuming the very best.



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