What Are The Best Foods for Overweight Cats?

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What Are The Best Foods for Overweight Cats?

A lot of cats are overweight because of inactivity and the types of food they are fed with. Many cats are fed with dry cat food because it is most convenient for many cat owners. But for some others, they feed their cat with whatever food that is on sale that week in order to save a few dollars. These scenarios could be understandable, but do not be surprised if you in this position and your cat turns out overweight.

Dry cat food and cheaper brands are filled with grains and wheat source which are not suitable for your cat’s digestive system. Many manufacturers who produce this kind of cat food do so because the sources are cheap, and their main aim is to maximize profit without due regards to the state of health of the cat that will consume such food. It is impossible for a cat’s system to digest carbohydrates from these sources.

The best food to feed you overweight cats should have a real meat source as the topmost ingredients. This will either be beef, chicken or turkey. Some of the middle and top tier brands ensure that their food is made mainly from meat sources. They make sure that little or no grain source at all is present in their foods.

Normally, when people have cats with an overweight issue, they tend to visit the vet and get a prescription to help their cat lose some weight. Most times, what is recommended is Science Diet. But this cat food is more expensive than the normal cat food, probably because it is being prescribed most of the time by a veterinarian.

What many cat owners are not aware of is that this special diet food could be worse than what is obtainable from their local pet store. If you take a proper look at the listed ingredients that this food is made of, you will notice that this vet food contains the wheat and grain sources as mentioned above.

Many of these foods do not have the meat source as their main source or totally have none at all

Doing a proper research will help you not to get caught up in the hype of prescription diets for your overweight cat, once you take a look at the ingredients in any cat’s food, you should be able to determine the type of food that will be healthy enough for your cat to eat and also help them lose weight in a healthy way.

If you want your overweight cat to lose some weight, it is very important to always check the ingredient the food you are feeding it is made of. Once you find a brand that you can trust, make sure to regulate the eating habits of your cat. If you maintain an adequate eating level of healthy cat food, you can certainly be sure of achieving weight loss for your cat without having to spend a whole lot of money at the vet.

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