Waxhaw Pet Sitter and Dog Walker Rated #1 in Union County

Waxhaw Pet Sitter and Dog Walker

Waxhaw Pet Sitter and Dog Walker Rated #1 in Union

Waxhaw pet sitter and dog walker have rated #1 in Union County because of YOU! Love and Kisses Pet Sitting has raked the highest in the votes year after year as the #1 Waxhaw pet sitting and dog walking company.  All the professional sitters are all background checked and fully trained in pet CPR.

About the owner

Maureen, the owner has been running this dog walking, pet sitting and cat sitting business since 2006.  Maureen is a former dog groomer for over 20 years.  Her heart is in this business almost 24 hours a day.  She is the behind the scenes gal making sure all the pet sitters are getting their visits done on time and without any issues. All pet sitters have GPS tracking on them and they must check in out of every visit so that Maureen knows where the pet sitter was when she clocked in and out. This helps keep track of visits and also the safety of the pet sitters.

State of the art Scheduling software

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting uses State of the Art scheduling software.  It makes booking your scheduled visits a breeze.  And you always have access to them for your upcoming schedules.  It is very easy to use and the clients love having this flexibility.  Booking your pet sitting visits has never been easier.

Backup Pet Sitter Program

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting has a pet sitter back up program in place so you always know that your pets will never be left unattended. If Waxhaw Pet Sitter and Dog Walkersomething should happen to your pet sitter (personal) then you know the owner or the manager or a backup sitter will be right on it.  That is a GREAT feature and our clients have peace of mind know that.  We always collect 2 keys at our FREE meet and greet.

What our clients have to say

Professional pet sitting is the only way to go says client Mrs. Moss as she has been burned before by having a neighbor care for her pets when she traveled.  They never showed up!!  We hear the most bizarre horror stories from the new clients that come on board with us.  I just can’t believe how many times I hear people tell us “I am so glad we found Love and Kisses Pet Sitting”.

When it all began

Maureen started Love and Kisses Pet Sitting in 2006 when she and her husband had to fly to NY for a family wedding.  They put their dog Buddy in a local kennel for 5 days.  Upon returning home Maureen was horrified to find her beloved dog with his nose bleeding and cut up from being in a cage for days.  He had no bark left as he must have barked and barked for all the days he was there.  They never mentioned it to her.  He also got a kennel cough. Buddy did not eat and lost so much weight.  Never again would Maureen put her dog in a kennel and that is when Love and Kisses Pet Sitting started.  We are now helping our clients keep their pets home and safe in the comfort of their own home.

If you live in Union County and are in need a Cat Sitter, pet sitter or dog walker, call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting.  We are here for you!!

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