Waxhaw Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Professional and Insured

If you live in the Waxhaw NC area and have been searching for a professional dog walker, Pet Sitter or Cat Care provider, look no further.  I really mean that!  I am here to tell you that as the owner of Love and Kisses Pet Sitting, we really are the #1 pet sitting business in Union County.  Love and Kisses Pet Sitting has won awards for being the best of the best!  Year after year we win.

Why We Started

My name is Maureen McCarthy and I am the owner of Love and Kisses Pet Sitting.  I started this business in 2006 when I had to fly to New York for a wedding and I had nobody to watch my 110lb black lab Buddy. I made arrangements to put him in a boarding kennel for 5 days. I will NOT say the name of the kennel as I do not like bash on other businesses. I will say that when I picked him up from the boarding kennel I was horrified My poor dog had bruises and cuts ALL over his nose.  They told me “oh he just kept hitting his head in the cage to get out”!!  Are you kidding me? Why would you allow that?  He had scabs on his nose that turned into scars for the rest of his life.  I also found out once I got him home that he had NO BARK!!  Which leads me to believe that he must have been barking and barking and barking the whole time he was there.  I felt like such a bad dog mom!!  My heart broke for my boy.  I vowed never to put him in a kennel again. That is the main reason I started Love and Kisses Pet Sitting. Helping others to keep their pet in the comfort of their own home. Having a pet sitter come in several times a day to feed and walk.

Do Your Homework When Your Hire

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting has been caring for many pets in Waxhaw NC. We have adults that are employees, NOT independent contractors. We train our pet sitters.  We make sure that they are all pet CPR certified and Pet First aid certified. We take our job very seriously. We are FULLY insured and BONDED for your protection.

There are lots of pet sitters out there and I can only advise you to do your homework. Make sure you are hiring a true professional pet sitter.  Be very careful of those pet sitting apps out there too. They are only online companies that hire whoever applies to work for them and AND they never meet them.  They hire anyone!! Please google reviews on them you will find out a lot by doing so. They may be cheaper but you get what you pay for.

If you or someone you know has a pet and needs a professional pet sitter to give us a call to discuss all your options. We can customize any pet sitting schedule you need.  We really LOVE what we do and you will find out that it shows in everything we do for your pets.

Call today to discuss your pet sitting needs. 704-763-9857

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