Should You Be Walking Your Cat Outdoors On A Leash?

Should You Be Walking Your Cat Outdoors On A Leash?

While you observe any individual walking his or her cat by using a leash and harness, you might feel a bit strange. However, in case you give a little thought to it then you might wonder: “Why this appears so strange to me. Since dogs do it quite often, why should the cats be exempted from it?” Furthermore, you may also ponder: “Can I walk my cat on a leash?”

Generally, you will find two types of cats; the ones who would love to confine themselves indoors and rarely come out and also those who are

Should You Be Walking Your Cat Outdoors On A Leash?

accustomed roaming outside just like any other wild beast. However, you do not prefer your cat to fall in any of these two categories. So, how to allow your cat to have some fun in a much better way that would be convenient for you as well as your pet.

The solution to this would be to train your cat to walk on a leash. Below we will mention several tips to help you train your pet to accept the new leash.

1. Start young

It will be much easier to train your kittens as compared to the older cats. Unfortunately, some of you might not enjoy this option. Don’t worry, older cats can also provide you with good results.

2. Get an appropriate fitting harness

It is very important to get a harness which is a good fit. Ensure that the leash attachment is on the rear part of the harness and not on the neck.

3. Get your pet acquainted to the leash and harness

Do not expect the results on the very first day when you buy the leash and harness. Allow the cat to get familiar with it for a few days. Allow him to smell it.

According to the majority of the vets, you should not allow your cat to roam outdoors because it is going to shorten their lifespan. But one should not forget that both indoor, as well as outdoor felines, enjoy a decent life of their own. The best thing will be if you could combine both the worlds so that your cat can have a great time outdoors without any risks. The ideal solution to this will be to walk your cat on a leash.



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