Unusual Dog Behaviors You Probably Didn’t Know

There are several reasons why being a fur parent is good for you. Aside from having a best friend that you can turn to when you are feeling sad, or share your joys when you are feeling glad, a dog can greatly improve your quality of life. They can even be a way to increase your social interactions.

Owning a dog can do your wonders definitely. Thereby, make sure that you are a responsible pet parent who doesn’t only ensure that your dog is fed, but that he actually feels cared for and loved. To do so, exert the extra effort to ensure that they get the best nutrition because as the animal lovers behind the Petz website say, a healthy animal is a happy animal. Also, spend time with them not only to bond but to observe their personality and behavior for you to get to know them better. In line with this, you may be surprised at some unusual dog behaviors that you probably didn’t know.

Dogs poop in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field

If you have ever wondered why your dog needs to circle around a couple of times before doing his business, then you may be astonished at the reason behind this behavior. Your dog is actually trying to find the perfect spot that will have his poop aligned with the Earth’s magnetic field. Yes, they are that sensitive.

Dogs have a sense of time

If you ever had your dog wake you up in the morning, then perhaps you may no longer be surprised to find that they have a sense of time. No, they are not simply basing it on the light or darkness outside but it is because they are wired by the routine that you train them with. Hence, they are most likely to know the difference between an hour and five hours, or when it’s time for you to take them for a walk.

Dogs calm down when they gaze in your eyes

Your dog loves to look into your eyes because in doing so, they release oxytocin, or the body’s natural love hormone. In this case, they instantly calm down and do what you command them to do. Perhaps this is the reason why dogs are so dear to humans, making them man’s best friend.

Dogs can smell your feelings

Have you ever felt so sad but you put up a brave front and try not to show anyone your feelings? Yes, you may have succeeded in hiding what you feel to other people but not to your dog. In this case, observe because there is a great chance that your dog will come near you and try to cuddle with you. In the same manner, dogs can also smell your fear, particularly when you perspire. This change in your body will be readily picked up by your dog.

Dogs can get jealous easily

Your family may be growing and you are bound to welcome a new baby. When you bring your new baby home, observe your dog because there are actually two things that can happen. One is that he can be overprotective of your new baby, or another is that he may refuse to eat or sleep near you. In terms of the latter, take it as an indication that he is jealous. In this case, there is not much that you can do but to wait a while until your furry friend adjusts to your new situation. Nevertheless, it will greatly help if you introduce the newest member of your family. As your children grow, your dog will grow with them too.


To wrap things up, it can be amazing to find that there is a reason why your dog takes quite some time to find the perfect spot before they poop. You may also be surprised that they have a sense of time or that they love to look into your eyes. Dogs can also smell how you feel and they tend to get possessive of you as their owner. They can suffer from separation anxiety too because just like a toddler to his parents, your dogs simply want to be around you all the time.




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