Union County Pet Sitter Asks, “Does Your Dog Eat Table Food’?

Do You Feed Your Dog Table Food ?????


Does your dog eat table food? Well, today I was thinking about what to eat for lunch, I did not feel like making anything (just one of those days). So I went to the freezer and took out a Stouffers Macaroni and Cheese.  I thought to myself, this is easy.  SO I took the 4 minutes to heat it up in the microwave and when it was done I put it on a nice plate.  Then the doorbell rang, it was my neighbor.  I talked to him for a moment or two (forgetting about my lunch).  When I came in my whole plate was clean.  YES, my dog ate it all.  I have 3 dogs so I am not sure which one ate it but I have a pretty good idea.  So I thought to myself “THIS IS MY FAULT!!!!”  We have always given our dogs food from the table and so they did not know it was not for them… hmmmm, I think they did know, but anyway.  I thought I need to make my dogs understand that the food on the table is NOT for them.  I need to figure this out and stop giving them table food. So as of today I am going to work on this one.

It is so bad that when I have friends or family over for dinner my one dog Buddy ( who is 112 lbs) sits there and barks for table scraps.  I need to find out how to make him stop this behavior.  Maybe its to late. Do I need a dog trainer?  Do I put him in another room when we eat ( yeah that will work) Then he will bark the whole time.

When my dogs look at me with those sad little brown eye, they make ME feel bad.  I need to get over that also.  Maybe I should keep some tiny carrots by my dinner plate so that when they come over begging for food I can give them something healthy to munch on.  Just think of the pounds they can loose if I did that.

So with all this rambling about my dogs and their bad behavior (that I caused) I made a promise to myself….. No more table scraps for the dogs…..Lets see how long that lasts…

Do you feed you your dog table food?




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