Union County Dog Walker Ask’s “Do You Need a Daily Dog Walker?”

Daily Dog Walker

Does Your Dog Need Daily Dog Walking?

does your dog need daily dog walking?  If you work long hours and feel a bit guilty about leaving your dog home all day by himself, then you need to call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting/dog walking.  We offer Monday thru Friday mid-day dog walks.  Your pet will be the only one scheduled to walk and we will make sure that he/she gets the exerciser they need.  The average dog needs at least a 30 minute walk every day.  They love to go outdoors and explore and smell all the bushes and blades of grass.  Dogs are social animals and need interaction so why not have us come to your home and take your dog for a nice long walk.  This way when you get home from working long hours, you don’t have to worry about having to do this yourself.

If you wanted to just to 3 days a week that is better than none at all.  We can come Mon-Wed-Fri.  You pick the days you want to have us walk your dog.

For a dog to be mentally stable, your dog must get daily walks to release mental and physical energy. A lack of exercise, allowing the build up of the mental energy which a proper walk releases, can cause many behavioral problems in a dog — such as, but not limited to, hyper activity, neurotic, and/or obsessive compulsive behaviors, which are signs of a dog who is not mentally stable. An unstable dog is not a happy dog. Excitement in a dog is NOT a sign of happiness. Dogs who act very excitedly when their humans come home are showing signs of a lack of exercise and a lack of consistent enforcement of non-arbitrary rules from the owner. For a dog, excitement does not indicate happiness. They need walks to be happy and content.

Finally, all dogs need to be taken on walks, even the most tiny of pocket-sized dogs. Just because they fit nicely into your purse doesn’t mean they should be carried everywhere. The length of the walk will obviously vary based on the size and energy of the dog, but all dogs need to be taken on frequent walks.

Now you ask yourself, do you think your dog need daily walks?  If you need help walking your dog and you live in Indian Trail, Weddington, Stallings, Waxhaw, Wesley Chapel, Monroe then be sure to call us and we can come meet with you and your pet to discuss your options.  704-763-9857

Max and Molly as pups on leash



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