Under The Stairs Indoor Dog House

Under The Stairs Indoor Dog House

My name is Maureen and I own Love and Kisses Pet Sitting here in Union County NC.  We do pet sitting and dog walking in Indian Trail and all the surrounding areas.  I am a true animal lover.  I wanted to make a special area for my dogs to be able to go to so they can  just hang out and feel safe and secure.  I found this post on Pinterest and reached out to a friend of mine to build it for me.  My dogs love this little space.

I sat here one day searching the internet and came across a picture of a beautiful indoor, under the stairs built in dog house.  They had four of them shown (see below) and one was nicer than the next.  I showed my husband and he thought they were very cute also.  My husband’s friend Pete had been over and Pete is a carpenter.  He thought the houses were a great idea.  We did not talk to much about it anymore but I kept thinking about how my three dogs would LOVE that cozy little area.

About a week later, I had still been thinking about the indoor under the stair dog house.  That afternoon my door bell rang and it was Pete.  He said “Are you still thinking about the dog house under the stairs?”  I informed him I was and he told me he thought it was such a great idea.  So, he started the work the next day.  The one Pete built for me in not as elaborate  as the ones in the picture’s below however, I LOVE it and my dogs do too.


Here is the original picture that I saw and LOVED..

Dog house under stairs....

When he first started, I was so surprised at how much room there is under the staircase.  It was just wasted space.   If I ever want to make it into a closet or a storage area, it would  be a very easy thing to do.  But I for one love it for my dog and my dogs love it as well.  They use it all the time. We put their cozy beds in there and I made up some lavender sachet bags for a relaxing fragrance for them to feel calm.  I really think they are very happy when they choose to go in the space it makes them feel like it is their own little den.

If you would like to have this made for your doggie’s and you live in the Charlotte NC area contact Pete at 704-936-7083

under the stair dog house

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  1. Niah

    What was the cost range to have this dog area constructed under your stairs? I live in the Northern VA area and want to get estimates on have this done in my home for my dog.

    • Maureen McCarthy

      I had a friend of mine do the work for me so he did give me “deal”. However, I am sure if you shop around you can find a reasonable price. There really is not a lot of work involved in it. I would say under $400

  2. Juli

    I love these, but have learned making the most perfect dog area, house or bed is no guarantee that they will use it. Likely depends on the breed, but I know our Yellow Lab will only be 6-12″ from us at all times. 🙂

    • Maureen McCarthy

      yes my 1 lab will go in also and my smaller mix breed will too. But my larger lab wont go in…LOL

  3. Melissa Huang

    I just got a cockapoo and have been contemplating to do the house under the stairs. Now that we have him, I can already tell that he loves seeing people and loves to sleep in a warm area. Please give me any feedbacks about the likelihood of dogs actually using the area. My main thing is that when nobody is home, I want to have a peace of mind that our dog will not get into mischief and that his own space is his and he can do whatever he wants in there.

    • Maureen McCarthy

      If you start using it when he is young that is what he will know. Make it a safe and happy place for him to be in. Every time you put him in there give him a special treat to always look forward to. Leave his special toys in there when he goes in.


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