Unchain The Dogs Of Union County North Carolina!!


I am begging for everyone to get on the ban wagon with me to try to get an ordnance in Union county to unchain our dogs!!!  As a pet sitter here in Union County I drive by so many houses and  see dogs chained to trees.  It breaks my heart as I can only imagine  what these poor dogs must be going through.  I see them in the in the heat summer days and the freezing days of winter.   I drove past this one house in Monroe and always saw this dog tied to a tree, It would bring tears to my eyes.  Then the dead of winter came and I would see him lying in the cold dirt chained to a tree, staring at the house where the owners I am sure were snug and warm.  We had a cold advisory and snow in the forecast, and a few days later i drove pasted that same house and the dog was not there. I never saw that dog again.  They did however replace it with a new puppy that is now in the same position as the previous dog.  I hate to think what happened to that dog.

Dogs need companionship and love and attention, I don’t understand why people get dogs and tie or chain them up to a tree and leave them there with no human interaction.  It truly breaks my heart.

We need to stand together like the people of Burlington NC did.  We need to  pass a tethering ordinance which will limit how pet owners can restrain their dogs.  Animal Services Director of Burlington NC Jessica Arias  says tethering often leads to cuts and bruises around a dog’s neck and sometimes strangulation.  As an alternative, groups like Unchained Guilford and Unchained Forsyth help build fences for free for owners who want to keep their dogs from running away without using tethers.

There are groups out there that will help in the effort to unchain dogs such as The Coalition to Unchain Dogs. They improve the welfare of dogs living in under-served communities as well as dogs continuously chained outdoors by offering information and free services including wellness care, spay/neuter, vaccinations and fences. By providing nonjudgmental assistance and building relationships within the community, the Coalition to Unchain Dogs bolsters connections between dogs and their human companions.

Here is what PETA has to say on the subject http://www.peta.org/issues/companion-animal-issues/cruel-practices/chaining-dogs/chained-dog-findings/

“I highly recommend that other jurisdictions consider passing similar ordinances if they have issues with animal neglect, continuous chaining, and illegal dog fighting. Our ordinance has served us well.”
—Dennis Graves, animal control supervisor, Wichita, Kansas

“I encourage any city or county (hopefully states someday) to [pass] a similar … ordinance to improve the lives of dogs and protect their citizens.”
—Elaine Modlin, animal control officer, Laurinburg, North Carolina

“[W]e are strong proponents of the anti-chaining law and feel it has been a success here in the nation’s capital.”
—Adam Parascandola, former director of humane law enforcement for the Washington Humane Society, Washington, D.C.

Please invite your legislators to review these convincing notes of support and think about how a tethering ordinance would make your area safer for everyone!
Read more: http://www.peta.org/issues/companion-animal-issues/cruel-practices/chaining-dogs/chaining-ordinances-work/#ixzz3G96Ni2l6


On the Front Lines: Chaining Ordinances Work

Please visit the group Coalition to Unchain Dogs at this website http://www.unchaindogs.net/  If you do nothing else but donate, than at least you are helping in some way.

We need to stand together and STOP the chaining of dogs here in Union county.  I will help in any way that I can and that is why I am I writing this.  I need help for others that want to get this ordinance passed here in Union County.  This has got to STOP!!

Email me petsitter208@yahoo.com  or call me 704-763-9857 and lets get this ball rolling…..Who do we contact to make this change come to place like they did in Burlington  NC did ??… A big High 5 to them.  Your town must be very proud of you.

Click link below to view video from Burilington Co





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