What Leash Should I Use If My Dog Pulls

 What leash should I use to walk my dog with?

So many clients and people I meet ask me about leashes for their dog.  I thought I would write this blog about the different types and let you decided which one works best for your dog.

There are several different types of harnesses that may help you. If you’re going to a pet store make sure you go to isle where the prong collars/head haltis are. That’s usually where, in most pet stores, the proper harnesses are located. Collars should really only be used for i.d tags. I personally use an easy walk harness. It worked great for both of my dogs. Some have clips in the back and others have clips in the front of the dogs chest. Front clip harnesses work when a dog pulls it turns them. You can also use a head halti which goes over the dogs snout and when a dog pulls it will pull his head downward and dogs usually don’t like the feel of that so it helps correct the pulling. Another thing that will help when your dog pulls is to stop in your tracks and wait for slack on the leash and say “okay” and continue to walk. every time your dog pulls, stop again and wait for slack again and repeat. This may make your walk a little longer but in time your dog will learn that pulling gets him nowhere. Praise when he is walking good on the leash, too! Also, make sure you are using are 6 ft regular nylon leash. Retractable leashes encourage pulling and I would not recommend them as I have seen and head so many bad stories about retractable leashes.  If you choose to do a prong collar just make sure a trainer shows you how to properly use it. They work if used properly. It’s when people don’t know how to use it and they just put it on their dog when injuries occur. Although, I would use a harness /halti before I would use a prong.

You could also try  a Gentle Leader -!http://m.petsmart.com/h5/hub…

Soft touch concepts also. http://www.softouchconcepts.com/

Freedom no pull harness http://www.freedomnopullharness.com/1-Wide-Freedom-No-Pull-Harness_c3.htm

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