What to Bring In the Car When You Travel With Your Dog

What to Bring In the Car When You Travel With Your Dog

If you fall into the category of dog owners who like to travel with their dogs in the car, then you will know how stressful it can sometimes be. However, if you make adequate preparations towards the journey, you and your pet will have a smooth ride. Some of the things to bring in the car when you travel with your dog to make the ride comfortable for the both of you are suggested below.

The first thing you will need to do when traveling with your dog is to plan ahead. Planning normally will involve determining your destination and the number of hours or distance of the journey. Shorter distance that will require you going to your destination and returning almost immediately, will not require much a lot of preparations compared to longer distance, where you will need to travel for several hours and stay over for a couple of days.

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Now that you are all set and ready to go, be sure to wear your pet a well fitted collar and Id tag containing your accurate contact information. It is important that the ID tag have a house number that is easy to access or a telephone number to call in the event that your dog is lost. Anybody who finds it can easily get in touch with you. When traveling out of town, it is advisable that you prepare a temporary tag containing the address and number of your travel quarters. You can use waterproof tape and marker to change your phone number as you travel.

You will need seat covers when travelling with your dog in a car. This is to prevent damage that may be too expensive to revert to your car’s seat. Pet seat covers comes in different colors and texture which you can choose from. Having a seat cover in your car when traveling with your dog will prevent a lot of damage, so consider getting one.

You will also need a travel water dispenser because your dog can get dehydrated just by sitting at the rear of your car. A good source of fresh water will always revive the dog each time it starts drooling as a result of dehydration. A pet travel water dispenser will save you from mess when hydrating your pet during a bumpy ride.

Something you will regret not having in your car when traveling with your dog is food. If your journey is going to be a long one, and you are not quite sure of the kind of food that will be available at your destination, or along the way, or your dog is on a special diet, ensure to take enough food with you that will last for the whole trip. Take along also, the food bowl and every other item your dog will need to make the feeding stress free.

Dogs usually feel more comfortable and secure when they are surrounded by familiar items. For this reason, you may want to take some of their favorite toys along in the care to ease their anxiety.

Poop bags will also be useful because your dog might need a potty break during your journey. Ensure to clean up after your dog has potty, do not allow your dog to mess up an area with its waste.

Lastly, you may need sunscreen for the dog that will usually have sunburn around their nose or ears and other parts of their body. If you are going to a destination with a lot of sunshine, endeavor to pack sun protection cream for your dog.

Traveling with your dog pet in the car can be fun if adequate preparations are made, so follow these tips and have a smooth ride with your dog-pal.







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