Top Ten Tips For Finding Your Missing Pet

Ten tips for missing pets and locating your missing pet. I hope these are helpful.

1- Don’t put your pets name on his/her tags. Instead put PLEASE CALL. Someone who might think about keeping a found pet will be more willing to keep them if they know their name.
2- Micro-chip your Pets!! Micro chipping can help you in many different ways. There are no down sides to micro chipping. If your pet is already micro chipped, call your micro chipping provider and make sure all information is current. Make sure your pets micro chip is registered. 40% of pets that get micro chipped their owners never call in to register their new micro chip. If you don’t register your chip there is no contact information on the chip when scanned. Home Again is a great micro chipping company if you are in the market to get your pet micro chipped.
3- When your pet goes missing within a reasonable amount of time get flyers out within a 1 mile radius of your home or the location your pet went missing at. The sooner you get awareness out the more successful you will be in locating your lost pet. You would be surprised how many business will let you put your flyers up.
4- Social Networking!!!! Put your lost pets picture on every website you can find. Facebook is a great way to get your lost pet info out to many people withing a short amount of time. Make sure if using facebook that you urge friends and family and EVERYONE to share also.
5- Make sure you don’t leave out any information when advertising a missing pet. We need to know where the pet went missing from, what day and what time did your pet go missing, color and weight of the pet, distinguishing markings, distemper of the dog ie. shy, friendly, ect., contact information, make sure there are at lease two people to contact if your pet is found. Offering a reward lets people know you are serious about finding your pet and also increases your chances in getting a phone call.
6- Go to your county animal shelter EVERY day. Calling does not make sure that your pet is or is not there. Make sure that your first trip there you take a missing pet poster with a picture of your pet so they can put it up in the shelter.
7- Put your missing pet poster in pet related businesses ie. groomers, vets, kennels, animal hospitals, animal shelters and pet stores in the area
8- Run a lost pet add in your local newspaper classifieds. Most newspapers will allow you to run a missing pet add for free.
9- Keep doing the normal things in your life. This tip is not for your pet. It is for you. The wear and tear of all of this is substantial. The more you can keep to normal patterns for yourself, the more you can stay focused and productive. And now, it is time for you to wait patiently as you continue your normal life. Most people get the call that their pet has been found. I did. I pray you do too.





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