Dog Walking Tips

Top Dog Walking Tips?

Walking your dog can be a very joyful experience. Talking a walk for some fresh air with mans best friend can be an invigorating experience. There are however a few rules that dog walkers should know and take in consideration every time thy walk their dog. Knowing and following these rules will help dog owners stay out of trouble when walking their dog.

The first rule has to do with safety. No matter how well you think you know your dog, you should always keep the dog on a leash when walking through crowded places. Try to keep your dog on the side of your body without pulling that much. It will become easier with proper training. While

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

walking your dog, make sure you have complete control over it. Don’t let your dog jumping on people or other animals. It will help if your dog has been trained properly and he is not aggressive.

Another rule to keep in mind is that in case you should not allow the dog to run after bicycles, motorcycles and cars. Especially don’t let your dog run after people who are out for a jog. Running comes naturally for a dog it’s instinctive. You should spend some time with your dog and train it, so it doesn’t run after people. Training is very important for every dog. Teach the dog to return to you when you call him. Make sure the dog returns as fast as possible when you call.

When it comes to taking your dog for a walk, it is imperative you don’t let your dog disturb others in any way. Even though you know your dog is friendly, it might come in contact with someone who is afraid of dogs and cause then to panic. You want to avoid difficult situations at every price. Contact with strangers can also have detrimental effects for your dog. That’s why you must teach your dog not to eat things it finds outside. You can make sure that no-one approaches your dog and gives your dog food.

Another thing to keep in remember is your dogs interaction with other canines. Keep in mind that certain dogs can be territorial. Smaller dogs might be more aggressive than big dogs and they can cause problems,
You never know what kinds of owners other dogs have and how they have been trained.

Love and Kisses Logo with numberTo be sure your dog won’t cause problems you need to have proper training done. Basic obedience training should do the trick with your dog. All through the walk, the dog should not be allowed to chew on his leash or to pull it with his teeth. Keeping some rules in place like the above, knowing what to do with your dog when you are taking it for a walk will make your dog walks a pleasure.

Aside from the basic dog walking rules, you should also keep in mind that if your dog comes in contact with other dogs outside it could contract flees and parasites. That’s why you should always have some flee control products handy. Also, make sure your dog is warm enough when walking in the summer. Certain dogs have thinner coats than others. Buying your dog a winter dog coat might help out. Furthermore, if you want your dog to stand out from the crowd, you can purchase a stylish dog collar.

As you can see, there are many things you should keep in mind when walking your dog. Following the above advice will make your dog walking a breeze.


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