Top Dog Toys in 2019

Tons of dog toys are bought online and locally by dog parents every day. It really doesn’t matter where a particular dog toy is purchased. What matters is that you and your best bud are happy with the toy and benefit in some way from it. For those reasons, we’re pleased to suggest our list of the top dog toys in 2019.

There are a lot of dog toys out there competing for your dollars. But. make no mistake about it, a lot of them are cheaply made toys that are a waste of your money. Typically, those toys are destroyed by a dog in a matter of minutes. Worse yet, many poorly made toys can be hazardous or even lethal to your dog. For that reason, we tend to judge pet products by one of our guiding principles―safety first. We think that you and your best friend will be thrilled with our 2019 dog toy list and benefit from it. Please read on to learn more.

Our Top 6 Dog Toy Picks for 2019:

1. KONG Air Squeaker Tennis Balls―All KONG pet toys are fantastic, but this one is especially great for both playing and fetch training. Your pooch will love running after the ball and returning it to your hand for another go. All dogs love squeaky toys and yours will get hours of fun with these from KONG.

Toy Highlights

● Built tough to last but gentle on teeth
● Designed to bounce differently with each toss
● 2 Doggie favorites―a squeaky toy and tennis ball in one
● Perfect fetch toy for all sized dogs―x-small to large.

2. ChuckIt! Flying Squirrel Toy―Like all of the ChuckIt! Toys, the Flying Squirrel is awesome! This is a fantastic toss and fetch toy that will give you and your retrieving pal hours of bonding fun together. A great toy and training aid for all seasons and all terrains. And, for your water dog, it floats! Your dog will fetch this till exhausted so be sure he or she stays hydrated on hot summer days.

Toy Highlights

● It’s aerodynamic so it flies and spins
● It’s easy for dog and master to pick up
● Comes in 3 sizes, Small, Medium, and Large
● High-visibility colors and Glow-In-The-Dark features
● Tough and durable to stand up to hours of fetching fun

3. Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Toy―A real brain challenger for dogs of all breeds and ages. A lot of thought and material quality went into this Outward Hound puzzle toy, just like all of their dog toys and gear.

Toy Highlights

● A good training aid and puzzle toy for soft-mouthed Retrievers
● Challenging and fun boredom buster for all dogs―puppies to seniors
● Plush and squeaky choices―Squirrel, Bee, Hedgehog, Bird, or Rainbow
● Squirrel toy is available in 4 sizes―Junior, Large, Ginormous, and Jumbo

4. Benebone WishBone Chew Toy―Another great chew toy from the Benebone line of Made in the USA dog products. Comes in 3 sizes and 3 genuine flavors―Small, Medium, and Large; Bacon, Peanut Butter, and Chicken.

Toy Highlights

● Designed for a long-lasting chew
● Great for teething pups and tartar control
● 100% Real flavors are infused―not sprayed on like other brands
● Benebone is a huge contributor to rescue shelters and dog welfare

5. Nylabone Power Chew Dog Toy―Like all Nylabone dog products, this one is tough and made for those big, aggressive chewers. This Power Chew Toy is made for hours of flavored chewing pleasure. It’s a satisfying chew toy that will keep your best bud busy for hours. This toy is a healthy alternative to real bones as it will not splinter but it will help to clean teeth and gums.

Toy Highlights

● Made for dog parents by dog parents since 1955
● Textured to keep your big dog interested for hours
● Helps prevent destructive boredom and separation anxiety
● Saves your furniture and shoes from your aggressive chewer
● A flavored chew toy for large power chewers and teething pups

6. SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy―Cute, cuddly, and warm―the perfect toy for the high-strung puppy or adult dog. As with all of SmartPetLove’s calming pet toys, the Snuggle Puppy will help to comfort and calm down your ‘High Anxiety’ doggie in times of stress. Fireworks, sirens, thunder, home moving, house training―No Problem!

Toy Highlights

● Reduces “bad” behavior during times of stress
● Minimizes stress, maximizes comfort and contentment
● A lifelike sleeping buddy for high-strung. overly- anxious dogs
● Simulates a heartbeat and provides soothing body heat to comfort

Wrapping It Up

As we said at the start, there are a bunch of dog toys out there. Many of them won’t last beyond the first day, hour, or minute with your pooch. Some of them can even seriously harm your dog, so please be mindful of the dog toys you buy and your dog’s wellbeing.

The toys we’ve listed are good canine training aids and stress relievers. We think you’ll agree and hope you’ll try one or more of these superb dog toys. You and your best friend will be glad you did!



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