Top Cat Toys in 2019

It’s a fact that we all want the best for our pet cats.  Cat lovers everywhere will agree on that.  But, when it comes to cat toys, the market is huge and the choices we must make can be very…um, purrrr-plexing.

As you know, there are several cat toy categories ranging from basic catnip stuffed mice to flailing prey animal wands to electronic lasers.  We would like to alleviate some of the shopping angst that comes with all those choices by giving you our list of the top cat toys for 2019.  Please know this list wasn’t just thrown together, nor was it popularity-based.  In fact, a lot of mindful thought using several criteria went into these choices.

Our Criteria

Is It Safe?  This should always be the first consideration when buying any pet toy.  For example:  Could a cat be harmed by this toy?  Could the toy be an allergy risk?  Is it a toxic hazard? What happens if a cat ingests part of the toy?  Is it a choking hazard for cats or small kids?

Is It Challenging?  A good cat toy should be mentally and physically challenging as well as exciting and fun for the cat.  Some cats like simple toys like jingly balls or plush toys like mice or birds―toys they can bat around and chase after.  Other cats like more complex toys―interactives that they have to puzzle over and try to outsmart.  Because each cat is unique in its likes and dislikes, every cat owner needs to know their cat’s personality.

Is It Going To Last?  This is a question of durability and soundness.  Every cat is different, so each cat parent needs to know if a toy will stand up to their cat’s playful torture.  No cat lover wants to shell out good money for a toy that’s all tattered after only a short time.  Look for quality of materials, seller reputation, and read the feedback from others who have bought the toy.  A good cat toy should last for weeks or months of playful cat fun―durability and soundness!

Is It Right For The Cat?  Some cats are big, think Maine Coon.  Some cats are small, think orange tabby.  Some cats are young and full of energy.  Some cats are senior and sedentary.  The bottom line is that cats come in different sizes, ages, personalities, and temperaments.  No one knows a cat’s likes and needs better than the cat’s owner.  So, every owner has to know or discover their feline friend’s preferences.

Our Choices

After all that criteria, it’s time to move onto our list of top cat toys in 2019.

Petstages Tower of Tracks―This interactive cat toy is spell-binding for any active cat of any age.   The Tower of Tracks interacts with your cat to enhance its motor skills for hunting and chasing.  The toy also gives the cat heart-pumping exercise and will pique its mental curiosity.  It’s number 1 on our list and we think it will be number 1 with you too.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher―This unique scratcher toy will give your cat hours of ball-chasing fun and exercise.  Now she can shed those dead claws without shredding your furniture while enjoying her catnip pleasures.  The Turbo Scratcher is made in the USA and the pads are replaceable.

SmartyKat Electronic Motion―There are only two words to describe this electronic interactive toy. It’s FUN and it’s COOL. That’s not just because your cat will get hours of mental and physical stimulation.  It’s also made of recycled plastics, it’s child safety tested, and it’s satisfaction guaranteed.  Nice!

SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toy―Whether you order the Rat Pack or Fuzz Bugs your kitty will get tons of fun and exercise with this irresistible Amazon’s Choice SmartyKat toy.  This is a great catnip toy at a great low price!

Creaker 3-Way Cat Tunnel―A fantastic cat tunnel toy.  You can let your cat get plenty of healthy exercises while stimulating her natural predator instincts.  An awesome toy for a single cat or multiple cat homes.  Buy it for your cat or for a friend’s, either way, the cats will play!  Comes with a complete money-back guarantee.

KONG Refillable Catnip Cat Toy―KONG is the hands-down leader of the pet toy world, so, any cat toy list would be incomplete without at least 1 KONG toy.  With a single click, you will see not 1 but 5 fantastic KONG catnip toys!  Choose 1 or get all 5 but whatever you do, buy a KONG for your friendly feline.  These make great gifts for all cat lovers on your list too!

The Final Word

Cats need mental and physical stimulation that toys can give them.  This is especially true of pet house cats.  Without toys to challenge and hone their skills, cats become bored, disengaged, and possibly destructive in the home. Here at Love and Kisses Pet Sitting, we know that you want only the best for your cat.



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