Top 6 Pieces of Clothing You Should Buy Your Dog Next Time You’re in a Pet Retail Store


A large percentage of people own dogs and dog owners take the responsibility of caring for their dog very seriously, as they should. Their dog is a huge part of their family and they want the best for their pet in the same way as they want the best for their children or spouse. Their dog is cared for and looked after in a way so as to maximize its lifespan, attention is given to healthy eating, pet insurance, regular health checks with the vet and attention to fitness. People are turning to luxuries such as toys, beds, grooming, and gifts for their dog.

Clothing is becoming a more and more popular feature for dogs and owners have their own reasons for wanting to clothe their dog for more. For some, it is about the practicality that dog clothing offers and for some, it is about having their dog look good.

Some dogs even enjoy the experience of being dressed up especially if it means that they can be kept warm in the cold weather! Dogsbarn recommends these drying coats to keep your pet warm. Dog owners are increasingly looking for pet costumes as well for events such as Halloween and Christmas as they encourage their dog to join in with the festivities, we have traveled a long way from the days of the dog blanket!

Consider the following benefits that dog clothes can provide for your dog.

They keep the rain out and therefore they keep your dog dry
They keep your dog warm in the winter or cool in the summer, some dogs can have trouble retaining heat in the cold weather
They keep your dog’s feet clean and warm and it means that your home can be a cleaner place!
Clothes can keep your dog clean meaning that it will need fewer baths
They look good! There are some really cool and stylish clothes available, up to the minute trends
Wearing clothes can keep your dog visible allowing them to stand out in a crowd. At night, by using glow in the dark clothing, your dog can be visible, should it try to stray
Clothes can make the dog feel like a part of the family, they can dress up too
Clothes can prevent a dog from scratching itself should they have an injury or condition
Fun costumes are available for all types of events and it keeps the dog feeling like one of the family
They can give your family and friends ideas for unique and fun presents

So what are the top 6 pieces of clothing that you should buy for your dog?


Pajamas for dogs come in all range of designs and colors, even for the most discerning. They can be warm and fluffy or cool and breathable and in a range of sizes, there is a lot of choices. For dogs who live in cold climates, the fluffy pajamas can be great and it saves leaving the heating on at night! Pajamas can also bring the dog into the family fold as everyone gets ready for bed, your dog can too. It signals to the dog that it is bedtime, playtime is over and it is time to settle for the night.

For owners who choose to sleep with their dogs, the clothing can provide a barrier. If your dog is going to be comfortable in his / her sleep it is important to make sure the pajamas are big enough and comfortable enough and made from a fabric that will stretch with the movement of your dog.


Apart from looking super cool, a bandana can provide some useful benefits for your dog’s comfort. If your dog has light hair or a lack of hair, a bandana can protect your dog’s delicate neck area from the harmful rays of the sun. They can be made from lightweight and breathable fabrics. If your dog is too warm, they can be wet to allow your dog to cool down. You can use calming sprays on your dog’s bandana. You can also use colors to let others know whether your dog is a male or a female!

Dog Hoodie

Hoodies can look super cool and they come in a range of styles and sizes, some for the winter and some for the summer. Some have logos and it can be an interesting and fun idea to have all the family dressed in hoodies, all looking the same. Your dog can now be a part of it too. Some of the hoodies are very warm and replace the old style dog blanket with a modern and trendy version.

Dog Costume

When it comes to events throughout the year whether it be Halloween or Christmas, it can be a fun time to dress up, dogs can join in too now with the increasing selection of party costumes available. They are also available in a range of sizes to fit any size dog. So. whether your dog wants to be a superhero, a dinosaur or Santa Claus, there is a costume available. A fabulous opportunity for family photographs and a time to remember.

Dog Shirt / T-Shirt

Dog shirts and T-Shirts come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes. They can come with doggie themed logos and can be personalized to suit. Some of the materials are super soft and stretchy and offer comfort for your dog, allowing it to move about with their full range of movements. You can buy dress shirts or casual T-Shirts. A doggie shirt can protect your dog against sunburn. Doggie shirts make a great gift for a pet lover.

Doggie Boots

Boots for your dog can offer great protection against snow and other difficult underfoot conditions. They can protect your dog from injury and can offer a super cute addition to his / her wardrobe. Whatever the weather, there is a pair to suit. They can finish off an outfit beautifully!

Whatever your reason for choosing your doggie clothes, be assured that there is a huge selection to choose from in a variety of colors and in various qualities, there is something for all budgets. You will find a range of dog clothes in the High Street, doggie boutiques, in supermarkets and online. There are more and more outlets springing up as people take advantage of this growing trend.




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