Top 4 Ways to Reduce Your Dog’s Stress

No one wants their pet to suffer unnecessarily. Have you been noticing a spike in your dog’s stress and anxiety lately? If your pet has been acting out of nervousness or fear, you can help them. You don’t have to sit idly by and hope they recover on their own.

Now, the methods listed below in this article are general. Your dog might react better to some of the ways than others. You might also need to do additional research to ensure you’re utilizing the ideal methods for your dog. The article can be considered as a springboard for you to get started.

CBD Products

CBD is well-known for its amazing benefits when taken by humans. But did you know that dogs can reap massive perks as well? Dogs similarly digest CBD to humans, meaning that it is not poisonous for them. Though, if you are interested in using CBD to quell your dog’s anxiety, you should know some things first.

First, you should only purchase high-quality CBD treats for dogs. Make sure the brand you buy from is transparent about their ingredients. Second, you want to talk to your dog’s doctor about the appropriate dose for your canine. You could accidentally sedate the animal if you’re not careful.

Extending Your Exercise Routine

Whether or not you regularly exercise your canine, the animal could still get anxious. The solution here is an adjustment. You might need to take your puppy out for longer walks, play more fetch, or even socialize them more at the park. Unless you have a more docile breed, your dog probably needs a lot of daily exercise.

Even toy breeds and smaller dogs need a minimum of an hour outside per day to be satisfied. Use the chance to get out more with your dog, let them smell the grass, and stop more than you usually do. See how their anxiety changes after a few weeks of hourly, or higher, exercise.

Listening to Calming Sounds

Music is known to help babies fall asleep. Whether they prefer classical, metal, or, another genre depends on the child. Your dog follows the same pattern. If you sense your dog is anxious, try playing some music. You might have to fiddle around for a bit to see which genre they prefer.

Some dogs will slip into a soothed state the minute you start playing Beethoven, while others prefer Korn. Give yourself some time to experiment and see what music helps your dog calm down.

Desensitization Training

If you notice specific triggers that exacerbate your dog’s anxiety, you can start a targeted training regimen. The goal is not to hurt your canine or cause them more stress, solely to get them used to the situation. Before beginning training, watch your dog’s behavior. What circumstances cause them anxiety? Do they get riled up if they hear other dogs barking, or are they terrified of people?

Whatever the target is, once you have locked in, talking to a professional. If you can’t contact an expert, chat with friends. YouTube is another free resource that has tons of dog training videos. Find training techniques that work for you and your canine before getting started. Remember, the desensitization will take time. Be patient and have plenty of treats at hand. A simple Google search can lead you to the best CBD dog treats available in the market.

A Stressed Pup Leads to More Anxiety

Your dog is meant to provide you with companionship, love, and something to take care of. If your canine is anxious, then you end up feeling guilty, sad, and upset yourself. Try the techniques above, do further research, and listen to your animal to help them.




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