Tips to Make the Most of Your Pet Sitting Experience With Love and Kisses Pet Sitting

Tips to Make the Most of Your Pet Sitting Experience With Love and Kisses Pet Sitting

Why do we ask you so many questions?

Tip on making the most out of your pet sitting experience with Love and Kisses Pet Sitting in South Charlotte.  In order for your pet sitter to do the best possible job for you, they will need as much information about your pets, their habits and your home as possible. Your sitter will schedule a  time to arrange a “meet and greet” This is your opportunity to meet your pet sitter and go over all the important information regarding your pets and your home.

Deciding on a Reputable Pet Sitter

  • Is your pet sitter/dog walker/cat sitter insured and bonded?
  • Do they hire employees or Independent contractors?
  • Will your pet sitter provide references?
  • Are there great reviews on social media?
  • Will the sitter conduct a meet and greet?
  • Do they provide a written contract detailing services and expectations?
  • Have they won awards locally (Angie’s List etc
  • Does this pet sitting company have a backup plan for emergencies or personal illness?

What can you do to prepare for your interview?

  • Talk about your pets daily routine with the pet sitter
  • Does your pet take any medications? If so what are they?  Make a list for the pet sitter. Are there procedures for administration?
  • What is the personality of your pet, are they shy, do they have separation anxiety, do they get into trouble when left alone, are they aggressive?
  • What is your pets unusual habits or fears?
  • What veterinary office do you use?
  • Who will be your emergency contact if the pet sitter can not reach you?
  • Supply your alarm code with the pet sitter and show them how your alarm works.  Supply a password in case alarm goes off.

Planning Ahead with your pet sitter

  • Make your pet sitting reservations as early as possible – especially during holidays and busy travel months i.e. school breaks, major holidays
  • Have 2 keys available to give the pet sitting company.  One for the pet sitter and one for them to have on file if case something should happen to the primary pet sitter. Check to make sure the keys work!
  • Buy extra dog or cat food, medications for your pets and cleaning supplies for the pet sitter

Preparing Your Home for the pet sitter

  • Place a hold on mail and newspapers unless you want the pet sitter to bring in daily.
  • Change your batteries in your garage door keypad and in all smoke detectors
  • Remove food from your counters and throw out anything that may go bad in the refrigerator
  • Put lights and irrigation system on timer
  • Close any “off-limit” room doors
  • Arrange for  lawn care (inform your sitter of these services and days they are to take place)
  • Consider leaving a radio or TV on it may deter thieves and also keeps your pets company
  • Inform your emergency contact that the sitter has their information and in the event of an emergency they’ll be contacted

Communication with your pet sitting company

  • Your pet sitter will want to know what’s the best method of communication for you, phone, email, text?
  • Decide if you want updates on your pet via text or email
  • Feel free call the main office for any other concerns you have
  • If travel plans change immediately notify office via email
All of these items should be set in place when you hire a professional pet sitting business.  Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is a professional pet sitting company and we are honored that you are choosing us to be your pets care providers when you travel or work long hour.
Feel free to call the office for any concerns you have.  We are always available to discuss them with you.
Maureen McCarthy
Pack Leader at
Love and Kisses Pet Sitting
Owner/Animal Lover



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