Tips on How to Keep Your Home Pet-Friendly for the Holidays

Tips on How to Keep Your Home Pet-Friendly for the Holidays
 Pet-Friendly Holidays

The holiday season is underway as we finish out the year. It’s the perfect time to create fantastic moments with our best friends; beautiful pets. While every day spent with your dog is a holiday, this is the time you can enjoy together the most.

You may want to learn how to keep your home dog-friendly so that he does not miss out of the holiday celebrations. Check out these tips:

1. Offer them space

Pets like to have their own quiet place, just like us. This is more important during the holidays where there are new faces around. For instance, during a party, the opening and closing of the doors, as well as new people, may get your pooch scared and spooked.

Make sure there is a special place set up with a proper feeding area and bed so that he can eat and sleep in peace.

2. Use pet-friendly decorations

When decorating the house for holidays, you may want to choose the right materials to accommodate your pet needs. The good thing is that animal-friendly home is exceptionally comfortable for humans too. But that does not mean you cannot decorate your home for the occasion but keeping your animal friend in mind is wise.

 Pet-Friendly HolidaysRemember that while pets may find the smells and textures of the decorations very interesting, some of them can be extremely toxic and dangerous.

– Ribbons and strings can result in intestinal obstruction as well as the bunching of the intestines.

– Candles can cause fires and burns. They should be kept out of reach from pets.

– Tinsel’s shininess is extremely attractive to pets but can result to blockages and require surgical removal.

– The shiny glass ornaments can appear the same as Fido’s tennis ball. Place any breakable ornament on higher heights.

– A dangling electric cord may attract the playful kitty resulting in shocks.

– Avoid too many fragile items as your four-legged friend may wag his tail to send your beautiful collection of Will-George flamingo figurines to the floor just like bowling pins.

3. Cover the food

If you are having fun with friends at your home, there’s a significant chance that you’ll have a variety of delicacies goodies for your visitors. Your furry friend may be attracted to the sweet smell of the food.

Fatty foods may cause diarrhea, pain, and even death. Uncooked yeast dough is dangerous with dogs as it produces too much gas in the gut which may cause pain and even a possible rapture of the intestines. Alcohol is toxic to dogs with just a single bout enough to cause death.

To avoid the stress, remember to keep your doggie away from the kitchen while preparing and serving meals. You may also inform the guest not to feed the pet with the served food, but the best thing to do is provide enough holiday treats to the guest to offer your well-behaved pet. Ensure that he stays full.

4. Get your friend a gift

During the season, you can surprise your pet with gifts such as toys, clothing, treats and more. However, it’s important that you supervise how your pet reacts to the new items especially the new toys as some may scare your animal friend. Ensure that he stays cheerful as always.

However, remember that the best gift that you can give your pet is your time. Why not spend some time playing with them as you offer treats? You may also invite some of your friends and take a group photo with your friend, finish the session by offering him a treat. Make the photo session as brief as possible.

Some tips to keep cats away from Christmas decorations 

Spray the tree with vinegar.cats don’t like vinegar, they leave everything, including the tinsel alone. Another tip is fill netted bags with orange peels and place them wherever you do not want your cats to get into. Even Vicks vapor rub will keep them away, just rub a little on some tape and apply to objects….Hope this helps anyone with cats that get into all your Christmas decorations.


Holiday get-togethers are fun for you but may be frightening to pets. It’s therefore essential to host a dog-friendly holiday using the above tips.

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