Tips for Driving With Your Dog in The Car

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Tips for Driving With Your Dog in The Car

Dogs are docile animals, and are often not ready to travel in a car. There will be a time when you will need to drive with your dog in a car. This can be quite scary for some dogs. It is therefore, important that you think about putting some time into helping your dog cope with travelling in a car while it is still a puppy. It is also necessary to take some measures to make the trip a little more enjoyable for both the animal and the other occupants of the car. We are going to explore a few easy things to do to make sure driving with your dog in a car is effortless, safe and pleasant.

The first tip to driving with your dog in the car is to consider the size of the dog. If your dog is small, then you can use pet crates which can be placed on a car seat and anchor down with seat belts. This is certainly not going to work for dogs with larger size. You have to consider the safety and comfort of the dog. In the case of a bigger dog, it is preferable to have it in the boot of the car, provided you have a car with a tail gate. You may not transport your dog in a self contained trunk. If this is the type of car you have, then get someone to stay with the dog in the rear seats while holding the on its lead during the journey.

The next thing is to make sure that your dog loves taking a ride in the car. You can start by driving with your dog in the car on short journeys to and fro the park, or somewhere the dog will have lots of fun is more idea. If you do this two or three time a week, the dog will soon get used to having a ride in the car. If the dog is no longer scared of travelling in the car during these rips, then you can take it on journey to virtually anywhere without stress. Items like a bottle of clean water and some food if embarking, a dog bowl, some kitchen roll and disinfectant to spray in case of accidents, your dog’s blanket to make the it feel at ease will help a lot when embarking on a journey with your dog.

Dog sickness is another issue of concern when driving with your dog in a car or travelling. Although, this is not very common in dogs that have been used for car travel since they were puppies, but can still be a problem to some dogs. This can be alleviated by making sure your dog can see through the window and also make sure that there is fresh air coming in through the window. In a worst case scenario, ask your vet to recommend car sickness products or tranquilizer to calm a dog that will not just relax when driving with your dog in the car.

It is advisable to train your puppy at an early stage to get used to driving with your car in the car.



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