Dogs…! At the mention of the word “dog” shivers of excitement run down the spine of many individuals. There is no doubt that pets, especially dogs, have become an integral part of our homes and families.


There is no denying the fact that dogs are man’s best friend and that accolade is very much deserved because if we are to start recounting the various fantastic fits accomplished by dogs throughout history, there won’t be enough time and precipice to accommodate them.


Sure, there are a lot of persons that will rush into a pet store, and grab the most adorable of all puppies they can find and take her home with them, however, it is crucial to understand the enormous tasks and responsibilities that are saddled with inviting a dog into your home.


It is important not to get a dog on a whim, as evidence has it that many people end up giving their dogs away after realizing that they cannot handle the dedication and commitment needed to nurture them.


Sadly enough, these dogs end up in animal shelters, where they are euthanized or left in cages for years waiting for a family to adopt them. To further bolster my point, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) established that about one million, two hundred thousand dogs are euthanized each year.


We can avoid the whole process of getting and giving away a dog by knowing what to expect before getting a dog, for example, it is often a general misconception that all blue nose pitbull has a blue nose, which is not the case, as their noses in most cases are a darker shade of blue-black.


While bringing a dog into your life or family can be the most rewarding and fulfilling experience you can have, it should be at the back of your mind that it will require a lot of time, consistency, patience and above all love.


Older dogs or puppies without significant training require several weeks before you can even start having basic communication with them, ensued with months of training.


That is why we are going to be taking a look at things to consider before getting a dog, so you can determine if you are at that stage of your life where you can have a rewarding relationship with a dog.




Dogs require mental and physical stimulation every day because they are highly intelligent and social creatures which makes them need a lot of exercises like long runs or an extended game of fetch especially for a moderate to a high-energy dog.


There is no short-cut to raising a dog, and if you want a good well behaved dog full of energy and wisdom, then you have to put in the TIME.


If you work eight hours a week a day, and you are the type that comes back home too tired to take the dog for a walk, or worse still, you are the type that travels a lot. Then you might want to reconsider. Except you have someone to assist you, or you are always willing to hire professional dog walkers.


You should be ready to spend between twenty minutes to one hour of training at least five times a week for the first six months to one year.




It is essential for you as a prospective dog owner to be in the right frame of mind, because dogs are noisy and messy and they are going to get on your nerves. Things like potty accidents, or leaving of toys in different areas of the house, to being woken-up while you are still snuggled up in bed are almost inevitable—but remember—they are all normal.


Always have it engraved in your mind, that it is only going to get better. As an experienced dog owner, I can tell you this, the quicker you strive for results in terms of your dog training, the later you will see one, but if you take your time without expecting any immediate result, the faster you will see the changes you want.


Dogs have high emotional intelligence and always perceive that frustrated vibe you exhume towards them.




People most often times disregard the cost of taking care of a dog. There is always the initial expense of getting the dog which can range from $200 to $2000, especially if you are getting them from a breeder or a pet store, followed by the grooming needs of the dog, where you live and the size of the dog.


The first few things that will cost you money will range from a collar, leash—to—crate, food, veterinarian check-up, and possibly neutering.


If you are one that will be hiring professional dog walkers, dog sitters or trainers, then the bills can quickly pile up. Additionally, say, if your dog were to ingests your lingerie and needs to undergo surgery for its removal, that might be a massive blow at your finances. You should always have a dog emergency fund.


In conclusion


It can not be stressed enough how important it is sit down and have a long and hard think about getting a dog, because they are, after all, going to become part of your family for the next twelve years or more. So why not ask the right questions now and prevent these lovely creatures from being emotionally and psychologically abused.




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