The Ultimate Gifts for Cat Lovers

Cats are loved by many around the world as soul-soothing pets. Many folks cherish them as “good mousers”―protectors of home and hearth from invasive rodents. In Rome, now as in ancient times, cats have free run of the city―ever vigilant in their “mousing” duties. The ancient Egyptians loved their cats so much that they mummified them! That’s right, mummy cats! They so wanted their cats to enjoy the wonders of the afterlife―and, of course, to keep the mice away.

So, are you a cat lover? Maybe your spouse is? Do you have a parent or child who can’t get enough cat love? No worries! We’ve sorted the following 6 cat fancier’s favorites to help you find the ultimate gifts for cat lovers in your life.

Purrfect Feline Titan’s Tower

Enjoy hours of safe, interactive fun with your kitty. This toy is the gift that keeps on giving! Get loads of pure fun watching kitty’s antics while the cat hones its natural hunter-predator mousing skills!

  • All components are made of safe, non-toxic eco-friendly materials
  • Won’t slip on floors, cat’s head can’t get stuck
  • Easy assembly and easy storage

Lunarable Cat Messenger Bag

The perfect bag to gift any cat lover in your family or circle of friends. This cute and handy tote is well built to handle many uses―here’s just a few:

  • Cat supplies
  • Travel tote
  • Shopping
  • Diapers
  • School
  • Beach
  • Work
  • Yoga

The bag is made of strong polyester that’s easy to use and to clean. It makes a great gift for any cat lover on your list.

Plus, here’s another great tote bag gift idea for cat lovers. The Pet Studio Cat Tote Bag is made of heavy-duty canvas in India then hand printed in Austin, Texas. Comes in 2 sizes and a variety of styles from a small family-owned business.

CBT Wear Cat Mug

The perfect mug for the cat lovers on your gift list. As they sip their morning coffee this 11 oz. the cup will start each day with a smile. It’s a Purr-fect cat lover’s gift for everyone on your list

  • Made of high-quality ceramic stoneware
  • Won’t stain from coffee or tea
  • The message is permanently imprinted to last
  • It’s dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Carefully packed to arrive safe and sound
  • A great cat parent’s gift for any occasion

Plus, a couple more cat mug gift ideas you may like― Cute Cat Mug or Cute Cat Thermos Tumbler.

Cat Design Women’s Crew Socks

Everyone needs socks. Give your favorite cat lovers some wearable love―some happy feet! These crew socks aren’t just cute, they are also:

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Washable (Anti-shrink, anti-fade fabric)

A great gift idea for any special occasion, or just to share some love with the feline fanciers in your life.

Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit

Grown and packaged in the USA by The Cat Ladies. It’s not catnip! This purr-fect proprietary grass blend is a healthy digestion aid for cats. It tastes good and cats love it. The grass adds folic acid, an essential vitamin, to the cat’s diet. And, the added fiber helps to prevent those dreaded hairballs. Certified Organic, this is a non-GMO blend of cat-healthy barley, wheat, rye, flax, and oats.

What’s So Special About It?

  • It’s non-GMO
  • It’s a healthy treat
  • It’s certified organic
  • It’s hairball minimizing
  • And it comes with a very cool cat planter!

All of that and it makes a great cat lovers gift.

Matching Cat Collar and Bracelet

What a fab gift idea for your the cat lovers on your gift list! This unique gift combo from Pettsie is safe, adjustable, and made of all cotton. You’ll delight your feline-loving friends with this lovely collar for kitty and friendship bracelet for her.

Special Features

  • 5 Beautiful color choices
  • Safe, non-snag breakaway color
  • Comes in a lovely non-plastic gift box
  • Lovingly made with all natural materials
  • Bonds the love between purr-fect owner and purr-fect cat

It’s a fact―cats have been loved through the ages by folks all around the world. It has been a real pleasure discovering and presenting these awesome gift ideas for you. We hope you’ll find the purr-fect gift for your special cat lover here.



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