The Ultimate Gift Guide for Animal Lovers

Do you have a friend or family member that loves animals, but you never know what to gift them? They have an infinite amount of chew toys or fake mice, and you don’t want to get them some ordinary gift that will be tossed out in a month. In this guide, we will shed some light on some of the best gifts you can give an animal lover, that will be sure to leave them surprised and appreciative.


1.   Roomba

I know what you are thinking, how could an animal lover possibly find an autonomous vacuum to be a great gift? However, if they happen to have a cat, a Roomba can be an effective dual-purpose machine. Cats love following around the Roomba, batting at it, and even sitting on top of it. Not to mention, the Roomba will sweep up the cat’s hair simultaneously! Very few pet specific products have the capability to serve the animal and the owner, and the Roomba is certainly an out-of-the-ordinary gift.


2.   Hemp Dog Shampoo


This is one of those products that will be a great gift for animal lovers who like things on the natural side. Many dog owners are fearful about the type of harsh chemicals and additives that some dog shampoos may contain, and prefer shampoo with all natural ingredients. Hemp dog shampoo provides all the benefits of ordinary shampoo, and you can be sure you are not harming the animal with unknown chemicals. This is a cheap, safe, and thoughtful gift for any dog owner!


3.   Custom Pet Portraits

Custom pet portraits are treasured by animal lovers all over the world. A custom pet portrait can be a great conversation piece and can be displayed in any living room, bedroom, or hallway for all to see. Granted, this one isn’t exactly the greatest benefit to the animal. However, by taking an animal lover’s favorite sentimental picture of their pet and turning it into a piece of art, you will solidify yourself as the ultimate gift-giver. Plus, pet portraits can be made for any animal you can think of, so even those unusual animal lovers can receive the perfect gift!


4.   Bracelets for a Cause

This is a great option for animal-lovers who don’t currently have a pet of their own, or just plain don’t want a lot of clutter in their home. A bracelet from Bead the Change is a small yet meaningful gift. The jewelry created by this conscientious company is made of 100% recycled glass and plastic. A portion of each purchase goes toward supporting the wellbeing of the Earth and its inhabitants. Depending on what color jewelry you choose, you could be helping out endangered elephants or assisting the sea creatures that benefit from swimming in a cleaner ocean.


5.   Magnetic Fish Feeding Rings

We couldn’t forget about the animal lovers that prefer marine animals over the usual household pets. One common thing that aquarium owners struggle with is fish food getting all over the place, and wasting fish food when it ends up flowing into the filter. A magnetic fish feeding ring sticks to the side of the tank, and ensures your fish food stays in one place. Magnetic fish feeding rings are inexpensive, and will help declutter any aquarium that requires floating fish food to sustain the marine life that lives within it.





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