The Toughest Dog Chew Toys

Let’s face it, there’s a ton of stuff being touted as the toughest dog chew toys. As a smart pet parent and shopper, you probably know that for what it is―a lot of barking in the wind. But it is important that your best friend gets toys that will stand up to constant chewing. You want tough dog toys that will take a lot of teething, tossing, fetching and playful abuse. You don’t want toys that will fall apart dangerously in the dog’s mouth.

It’s important to note that toys should not just entertain your dog. Nor should they just help him or her get through teething. Toys should do those things but they should also challenge the dog. We’ve put together the following list of the best and the toughest dog chew toys just for you.


The first on anyone’s list of the toughest or most indestructible dog toys is going to be the original Kong. There’s no denying that fact. Kong toys may not always be the most popular “go-to” toys in your dog’s toy box, but they will always reign supreme as the toughest.

Do dogs and dog parents like Kong toys?

You bet, and here’s why:

  • Help keep teeth and gums clean
  • Dogs love the wild, unpredictable Kong bounce
  • 73% of Amazon buyers give Kong a 5-star rating
  • Great strengthening aid for teeth, gums, and jaws
  • They come in assorted sizes for really huge to little dogs
  • Stuff Kong with peanut butter or other dog treats for even more dog fun
  • Made of an all-natural hard rubber to take on even the toughest chewers

Monster K9

The Monster K9 Dog Toy folks say their chew ring toy is “Ultra-Durable”―and it is. This chew toy has been tested or victimized, in the mouths of some of the most aggressive, jaw-locking chewers known to mankind. Did the Monster K9 pass the chew test?

Special Features of the Monster K9 Toy:

  • Indestructible―Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Won’t break into harmful bits like cheap plastic toys
  • Tough, safe all-natural rubber. No synthetics or plastics
  • Hours of fun for you and your dog―chew, fetch, tug-of-war
  • Shock absorbing and puncture resistant

Multipet Nuts For Knots

Multipet is known primarily for their soft dog toys based on famous cartoon and puppet characters. So, why are they on our toughest dog toy list? Because they make an awesome line of real tough rope toys―the Nuts For Knots toys.

These tough rope dog toys come in a variety of colors and sizes with a tug or without a tug.

More product details:

  • Good fetch or tugging toy
  • Helps strengthen teeth and jaws
  • Made for dogs that are tough on toys
  • Great toy for any young dog that is teething
  • Safe for play and chewing all-cotton rope, no synthetics


These are guaranteed as indestructible fetch and chew dog toys. If your chewer gets through to the red underlayer―which Goughnuts is betting won’t happen―then send it back for a brand new Goughnuts Toy! Not many dog toys come with a full replacement guarantee, but this one does!

More important stuff:

  • Will float for water retrievers
  • Safe, non-toxic and Made in the USA
  • Excellent for teething puppies of all breeds
  • Made of special polymers engineered to be pet safe and indestructible

Goughnuts were first made and marketed in 2006 to fill a need for a safe and lightweight toy. A toy that can’t be destroyed by aggressive chewers or teething pups. We think they’ve met that challenge with flying colors―well 4 original colors anyway―it comes in black, green, yellow, and orange!

Jolly Pets Romp‘N’Roll Ball

This rope and ball toy by Jolly Pets is great for active dogs of all ages and sizes.

It’ll give your best friend hours of fun and play. The Rock’N’Roll can be tossed, kicked, tugged, thrown, and it won’t deflate! It even smells good with a blueberry scent―no worries though, your dog won’t eat it!

Special features:

  • Won’t deflate even if punctured
  • Made in the USA for safe, worry-free fun
  • Sold in 4 colors―light blue, blue, purple, or red
  • Available in three sizes for dogs 20 to 60+ pounds

Dogs toys should be durable, tough, healthy, and safe for your dogs. They should also stand up to teething, tossing, and all kinds of rough play. We think these five fit all that and more. We’d like to hear from you though. So, please share your thoughts and experiences with these or your other favorite dog toys today.



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