The Perfect, Affordable Dog Bed for Every Breed


Dogs Need Their Beauty Rest, Too!

The Perfect, Affordable Dog Bed for Every Breed

This blog was written by a friend/client/now working as a pet sitter for Love and Kisses Pet Sitting….Darlene Butler


Have you been shopping for a dog bed lately? There are hundreds of options available, but do they meet the requirements needed to keep your dog comfy and properly supported, while still being affordable?

When we added a Great Dane pup to our fur-baby family that included a Pug and a Boston Terrier, it was evident almost immediately that her bedding needs would be much different than theirs. We knew large breed dogs require extra support, so we spent around $100 on a big, fluffy yet firm pet bed. It lasted all of a month or two. Between her potty training accidents, her desire to chew and tear, and the fact that her two brothers liked to cuddle up with her like a pile of, well… dogs. It wasn’t long before the bed was trash bound. We tried several other ‘quality’ dog beds after that, but none were remarkable, and most were very overpriced.

So, we made a doggy bed wish list… Ellie Mae needed a bed that was large enough for her and her brothers (they both had their own beds, but preferred to snuggle with Ellie), supportive, tear proof, easy to clean and durable, and affordable.

Then it came to me… why not a baby crib mattress?

If it’s good enough to provide comfort and support to a precious baby, then it’s definitely good enough for my fur baby!


We chose a high-density foam core crib mattress that was hypoallergenic, tear and stain resistant and waterproof… all for around $50! I also bought crib sheets with cute little girly themes to put on the mattress that could easily be thrown in the wash. Ellie Mae and her brothers LOVED it!

That was 12 years ago. Ellie Mae’s brothers have since passed away, and Ellie is past her prime for her breed. The average lifespan for a Dane is 7 to 9 years; Ellie turned 12 in February. In those 12 years, we’ve had to replace her crib mattress only twice. These days, as a senior dog, Ellie has potty accidents, so the easy-clean factor we so needed when she was a pup is once again a necessity. And the support of the foam core is definitely helpful with her arthritis.

So, if you’re in the market for a dog bed, give a crib mattress a try. I’ll never use anything else!

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