The Ins and Outs of Why Pet Insurance Matters

Most people have insurance for their home, vehicle, and personal health, but there are many who have no coverage for their pets. Out of all the homes in the United States with pets, only about 1% of those pets are insured.


Pet insurance may seem like another bill you can’t really afford, but can you afford a $4,000 pet emergency bill? Whether your pet is injured or you find out they have cancer, paying $50 a month is an investment in your pet’s well-being.


There are several reasons you should seriously consider signing your pet up for insurance. From wellness checks to cancer treatments, a lot of veterinarian visits are covered under pet insurance.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Just like human medical insurance, pet insurance was designed to help reduce some of the expenses required in order to keep your pet healthy. There are different levels of coverage you can choose from, including accident-only coverage.


PET INSURANCEDepending on the type of insurance you choose for your pet, the cost is going to be much less than paying for expensive medical treatment out of pocket. The more comprehensive the coverage, the higher the cost will be, but you will have more things covered, such as injuries, genetic conditions, accidents, and cancer treatments.


Generally, the way pet insurance works is you take your pet to the vet, cover the cost of the bill, and submit an itemized receipt to your insurance company. They will look over the bill and reimburse you for the amount they decide on based on your coverage, the procedures, and the cost of the care.

Benefits of Having Pet Insurance

Having pet insurance can be a huge relief. You won’t have to worry that your pet will have to go without necessary medical care just because you don’t have the funds. Paying your monthly, quarterly, or yearly insurance bill will ensure your pet will be able to receive the care they deserve.

Freedom to Choose Your Veterinarian

When you’re choosing a physician for yourself or your kids, you make sure to find the best one that you can find. Having pet insurance allows you to pick the best vet around, as long as they’re within the network. You don’t have to settle for whichever vet is cheap enough to be within your budget.

Easily Budget Your Pet’s Medical Care

When it comes to paying for the medical care your pets need, many people are stuck deciding whether or not they can really afford the cost. There are certain breeds of dogs that tend to have medical conditions, so you already know that there will be vet costs down the line.PET INSURANCE Additionally, exotic animals may have expensive medical care, but insurance can help you save a ton of money on the care your pets deserve.


One of the benefits of having pet insurance is that If you know your pet’s insurance costs you $50 a month, you can easily work that into your budget since you know it will be a consistent bill. You won’t have to worry that a surprise $8,000 vet trip doesn’t pop up when you’re broke.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you’ve been investing in your pet’s health can give you the peace of mind that you won’t have to deny your pet medical care because of money. Whether your furry friend is attacked by another animal, gets sick, or eats something harmful, you can breathe more easily knowing they’re covered through any medical crisis that could come up.

Keeps Your Savings Free For Other Emergencies

Having a savings account as an emergency fund is a great idea, and this is how many people end up paying for surprise veterinarian costs that pop up. But what happens if your pet needs emergency surgery, then a week later, the transmission in your vehicle goes out? Having pet insurance will cost you a bit each month, but it allows you to leave your savings untouched in case of other emergencies.

Keeps Your Pets Healthier

As you can imagine, many individuals that do not carry pet insurance for their pets are less likely to seek medical care for their pets. All too often, pet owners are left to decide whether or not they can afford life-saving medical care for their pets. Economic euthanasia is more common than many people are aware of. When it comes to having pets, pet insurance can save lives and improve your pets’ health.


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