The Importance of Water and Your Dog’s Health

A balanced and healthy diet is not the only essential part of keeping your puppy or adult dog healthy. Drinking water is also an incredibly important part of the daily requirements and nutrition of your dog. Without water for drinking, the body of your dog cannot function well. More specifically, your puppy will dehydrate. For your canine friend to get enough drinking water every day, you should provide a bowl of clean water along with a balanced and healthy diet. Here are some of the benefits of drinking water for your dog’s health.

One of the most straightforward reasons to give drinking water to your dog is to avoid dehydration. Dogs can become dehydrated pretty quickly if they do not drink enough, which can lead to many health problems, including liver damage and kidney damage, which you can learn about at Greendorphin for more about this. If the body organs fail to get water for a long time, they can shut down altogether, eventually leading to death.

It helps dogs function properly

Water facilitates each process of metabolism that occurs in the body of a dog. Taking clean and safe drinking water assists your pet in digesting food, breath in some fresh oxygen, pulse blood through the veins, and think through any agility course. Blood is mainly water, and to get nutrients to the body of your dog needs water. Just like human beings, the muscles and brains of your dog require water to function correctly.

It eliminates toxins and waste

After your pet has digested its food, it needs to get rid of all the waste in its body. Water allows your dog to excrete the waste through a bowel movement or urination. Also, as water flows through the body of your dog, it transports useful oxygen to the thirsty cells while eliminating the harmful toxins from its system. Without water, this exchange cannot occur, and toxins can accumulate and damage vital organs, including your dog’s kidneys and heart.

It cushions and lubricates joints

Water doesn’t only support the functions of the vital organs, but it also assists in cushioning and lubricating joints. The spinal cord and many other internal tissues in a dog’s body are also cushioned by moisture. That ultimately makes it less painful and more comfortable for your dog to move around. Enough drinking water can be particularly beneficial for a senior dog with movement or joint issues.

It regulates body temperature

When the weather is hot, water can be essential because it helps control your dog’s body temperature. Water can easily circulate through your dog’s body to cool it down, which prevents it from overheating when spending time outside. A dog utilizes water to stay cool in many ways. Apart from diving into a small pool or drinking water from its bowl, a dog keeps itself comfortable through panting. That means that it is exhaling and also releasing some water through respiration. Give your dog enough drinking water to help regulate its body temperature during hot weather.

It helps the sniffing power of a dog

Water keeps the noise of a dog moist and strong to pick up the slightest scent and also perform any sporting or working duties with ease. An agility dog that’s not well hydrated might not have the necessary speed to compete. Also, a search-and-rescue adult dog that’s not well hydrated may not work effectively and can easily get injured. To make sure your active dog takes enough water, you should offer a constant supply of clean and fresh drinking water, whether in the field, on the trail or at home.


If you own a dog, you should ensure that it always gets access to enough drinking water. While you take your recommended eight 8-ounce glasses every day, you can make sure your pet dog takes enough water because its happiness and health depend on it. To make sure that your pet always has adequate water to keep it healthy, you need to provide clean and fresh drinking water daily that’s easily accessible to your dog. Keep the water bowl of your dog filled at all times and remember to refill with fresh and clean water daily. Making sure that your dog takes water every day can assist in ensuring proper hydration that provides numerous health benefits.



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