The Importance Of Having A Pet Sitter For Your Cat

Pet Sitter For Your Cat

The Importance Of Having A Pet Sitter For Your Cat

When you need to go abroad or simply need to travel for any reason, you have two different options: you can hire a cat sitter or you can put your cat in a cattery or kennel. However, as you know, cats are creatures of habits. They like their litter box to remain in the same place, they like to lay down in the same spot day after day, they like to know their environment.

While you have different options, the best one considering the well-being of your cat is definitely hiring a professional cat sitter. Here are the main benefits of hiring a cat sitter instead of taking your cat to a kennel:

#1: Your cat won’t need any more shots:

Although you should make sure that your cat is updated on vaccinations and that he should have some flea prevention, this is not a requirement when you hire a pet sitter. However, in case you choose to put your cat in a kennel, you won’t have any other choice.
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The thing is that we’re not talking about making your cat safer. After old, just think about senior cats. Do they actually need another shot?

And there is still another problem. Although it is rare, some cats can have reactions to vaccinations or allergies.

#2: Your cat doesn’t actually need flea medicine:

Before you hire a professional pet sitter, they will probably like to see your cat first as well as you might want to conduct a personal interview. At that point, they will check on the cat and unless they notice he has some flea problems, they will be able to handle him just fine. In the case they notice there is a problem with the cat, you can be sure they will be the first ones to tell you to check your vet.

#3: Your cat can stay at his home:

Just like we said above, cats are creatures of habits and they tend to be well when you don’t move them out from their space, from their home. Cats can be very stressed out when moving to a different environment. Not to mention that they will need to share their space with other cats, dogs, and seeing all those vets coming and going all the time.

#4: Your cat will be able to continue to have his own routine:

The only thing that changes is the fact that you’ll be gone for a few days. Other than that, everything will remain as it is now. When you hire a pet sitter, they will check on the cat, show them their love, and make sure he is eating and drinking well. And in case your kitty loves to play, they will also play with him.

When you hire a professional pet sitter, you can be sure that your cat couldn’t be in better hands. They love cats and know how to handle them, how to play with them, how to make them feel safe.




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