The Importance of Having a Great Pet Sitter

10 Reasons Why You Need to Have a Great Pet Sitter

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When we need to leave our pets because we have to go to work or go out of town or
abroad or any other reason for that matter, it is very important that we hire not just a pet
sitter, but a “great” pet sitter like an Indian Trail Pet Sitter. Here are the reasons why.
1. They have received awards or recognitions from prestigious organizations (e.g.
Association of Pet Sitting Excellence and Pet Sitters International) in the pet industry so
there is no doubt about the quality of their pet services, whether they offer a dog
walking, cat sitting and so on.
2. They are licensed, certified, and fully insured so you have peace of mind that they
comply with all the requirements provided by the regulating agencies both local and
3. They have been in the business for long years, say 8 years. In which case, you will
be confident that they are well-established and have built an enviable reputation
because they are able to last long in the pet industry and continue to offer pet setting
and other services. Also, you can be sure that they have this great understanding about
the needs of your pets.
4. They are most respected where they are located as well as in the neighboring areas.
For example, the company is highly known for professional pet sitting in Union County,

North Carolina’s towns such as Indian Trail, Weddington, Waxhaw, Monroe, and

5. They offer personalized services so you can be sure that the cat sitter or dog sitter
will take care of your cat or dog in the way they have been used to with some additional
helpful services.
6. They provide full-time care for your awesome pets. This means they are really
focused on giving excellent time, effort, and care for your dog, cat, puppy or kittens.
7. They value open communication so much that they give daily updates about your
furry friend through text messages or in any way you want.
8. They have in-home pet care available for your lovable creatures, whether dogs, cats,
hamsters, birds, and other domestic animals. So, as an alternative to boarding, you can
choose that the pet sitters, for example, will go to your home and take care of your pet
in the environment where they grow and perform daily routines like dog walk.
9. They have countless positive reviews and word of mouth recommendations so you
can be confident that they have been proven and tested and preferred by many.
10. They are Pet First Aid Certified so whatever happens, you can be sure that your
pet dog or cat is in good hands.
Overall, a great pet sitter is one that you can highly trust because of the company’s
proven and tested services, awards and certifications, long years of operation and
experience, enviable reputation, personalized and full time offers, open communication,
in-home care, positive reviews, pet first aid certification, and more. And, if you check out
Love & Kisses Pet Sitting, for instance, you can find all of these highly recognized






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