The Importance of Everyday Cat Sitting Visits

A lot of people think of cats as low-maintenance pets. They tend to look pretty content when left to their own devices. Sometimes they might zoom through your house at high speed late at night or accidentally knock something off a shelf. Cats appear very self-sufficient and most of the time you can probably find them lying on the heater or in their basket, having a nap, and enjoying their warm and cozy life. In general, many people tend to think that a cat can spend a day or two alone without feeling bored or lonely. This is not the case, though!

Social contact

Even though cats mostly do not ask for attention in the same straightforward way as dogs do, cats need social contact, cuddles, and playtime. When you want your cats to be happy and healthy, somebody should play with them every single day. This is why we have taken the step to decide to only offer everyday cat sitting visits going forward: to give your pets the care and attention they need.

Better for your cat’s health

Not only is it better for the health of your cat when the litter box and food bowls are prepared to clean and fresh every day, but a daily visit also gives your cats the mental stimulation they need. Cats like to be in the comfort of their own home, where they know all their favorite spots, that is true. But this does not mean that they do not need new impressions and excitement every day to keep them curious and alert!

Mental stimulation

Cats are intelligent and inquisitive animals that need challenges and exercises to keep them happy and mentally active. During playtime, when chasing toys, they can listen to their natural hunting instinct in a safe environment. A cat that has daily visits from people to play with will not get depressed and lethargic. Daily playtime is not only important for your cats’ mental stimulation, but also for physical exercise. A lot of housecats are overweight and even though around little tummy might look very adorable indeed, it is not healthy for your cat.

Happy cat

Running around and playing every day is important for cats to stay active and in shape. This also protects them from injuries and illnesses that often come with obesity.  love and Kisses Pet Sitting can give your kitties love and care to make sure they live a long, healthy, and happy life!

Cat need attention

Cats that know that they will be given attention at specific times during the day are also always more well-behaved in the hours between playtimes. Giving your cat something to look forward to will make sure that you will not return from your vacation or business trip to be confronted with a couch used as a scratching post or other unwelcome and messy sights. Lastly, a cat that is visited by a sitter every day will get used to this situation more quickly. This saves not only your cat a lot of stress, but also yourself. You know that your cat is happy and cared for and can focus on your travels.



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