The Health Benefits of Walking For your Dog

If you are a dog owner, you will be able to enjoy so many social and health benefits by walking your dog a few times a week. Many of the dogs require to be walked at least once in a day, although some dogs especially those ones which are active may require more walking. The age, level of fitness and the breed of your dog can determine how long you will be walking your dog. Some of the benefits that you can get include decreased stress, stronger bones, and muscles, lower blood pressure, improved cardiovascular.

Maintains the physical health of your dog
A regular walk is also important to the health of your dog. It can assist in reducing obesity in pets which has been associated with insulin resistance, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, and osteoarthritis. Dog walking can improve the digestive system, strengthen muscles and bones and flexibility of your dog.

Your dog will have an improved immune system, making it easier for your it to fight diseases and infections. Walking can also assist in preventing arthritis,especially in older dogs.
Walking can also assist in reducing constipation which is a serious health issue in puppies. Constipation is able to lead to building up of harmful toxins is able to cause permanent intestinal damage, anxiety, depressed immune system, weakness, and sluggishness.

Enhances connection with the environment.
Walking your dog outside is good not only to yourself but also your dog. Dogs are known to be naturally curious pets, by walking them you can spark off their adventurous side, thereby offering the opportunity in exploring some sights and smells. This can improve confidence as well as the independence of your dog.

In addition to this, the idea of walking and exploring nature has been found to promote life satisfaction, relaxation, and wellbeing among humans.



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