Thank you Sara’s Dog Gone Beautiful Pet Salon, for referring your clients to Love and Kisses Pet Sitting


Sara's Dog Gone Beautiful referral

Thank you Sarah for referring your clients to Love and Kisses Pet Sitting

Today I want to just send out a big Thank YOU to one of my big supporters Sara from Sara’s Dog Gone Beautiful Pet Salon & Spa in Indian Trail NC !!  Sarah has been sending me clients that ask her who she would recommend to pet sit their dogs and cats.  She always send them to Love and Kisses Pet Sitting.  I want to publicly send her a Thank YOU!!!

Today, I went on a meet and greet with my sitter Francine.  We met with a very sweet woman named Judy and her 2 little dogs in Stallings.  Judy was so happy to find an in-home pet sitting business that she said “I feel so comfortable with having you care for my babies.  She made me feel so good because she said “I never used an in-home pet sitting company before and I was little nervous.”  She stated that she feels so content and happy after meeting us that she will definitely use our services all the time.

Hiring an in home pet sitting company is a big decision.  One that you really need to be comfortable with.  I want to assure all my clients that I totally understand their fears.  I get it, and my job is make sure that you are comfortable in your decision.  We are here to care for your babies when you can’t be there for them.  Trust is a very BIG factor in hiring someone to come into your home.  We are the professionals that will step in and make sure that your dogs and cats are eating and giving them a nice long walk.   To get them out of the house and get some fresh air and exercise.  We make sure to keep in touch with your while your pets are under our care.

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting has been in business since 2006.  We have so many reviews all over the internet from satisfied customer.  Customer that took the time to share their experience with the public.  Clients that use us over and over.  We LOVE what we do.  We are here for the long haul and we are NOT a fly by night company.  We are bonded and insure for YOUR protection.

If you would like to schedule your FREE meet and greet, click the button below or feel free to call and chat with me (Maureen McCarthy) the owner.  I am always here to discuss your pet sitting and dog walking needs.

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