Technology to Keep You and Your Dog Safe While Exploring off the Grid

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Technology to Keep You and Your Dog Safe While Exploring off the Grid

You love spending time with your four-legged pal, especially when you’re exploring Mother Nature. Long walks on the beach, a stroll through the forest, a hike through the wilderness, you and your dog love to go on adventures together. But when spending time off the grid, it’s important to have a way to stay connected for safety reasons. Here are the best gadgets to keep you and your dog on the grid while exploring off the grid:


One of the biggest challenges with using technology while with your dog in the great outdoors is multitasking. On just a normal walk you need to keep an eye on your surroundings, hold onto the leash and walk without tripping over anything. Now, try to use your compass or GPS, or attempt to read and respond to a text message on your cellphone. It’s not easy.

But with a smartwatch, like the Samsung Gear S, you have a hands-free device to keep you connected without distracting you from your dog or your wild environment. This device is studded with sensors that help you navigate, monitor your heart rate (because the first step to keeping your dog safe is keeping yourself safe) and a barometer to give you the atmospheric pressure and weather.

LED Collar

If you’re ever out in the wilderness at night, a LED collar for your dog keeps you on the right path. Your dog shines, making him or her easy to spot and keep track of. The Halo Mini LED Collar is reflective, water resistant and easily chargeable. Not only will your dog be grateful for the light, but you’ll feel safer with your best friend lighting the way.

Smartphone Apps

There are a variety of smartphone apps that cater to your dog. When you’re off the grid, these apps put helpful tips, step-by-step instructions and how-to videos at your fingertips. For example, the Pet Poison Helpline app gives you a portable, searchable database of toxic products and plants that your pet could ingest. The app has descriptions of symptoms and pictures to assist you in providing proper care for your pet and, if needed, a one-touch direct dialing to the Pet Poison Helpline.

Additionally, the Pet First Aid app from the American Red Cross helps you prepare for and handle emergency situations. The helpful instructions and videos show you everything from simple bandaging to performing emergency CPR. It also stores your pet’s health and medical history in case you ever need it. If you’re in the wilderness but unsure what’s wrong with your best bud, the petMD Symptom Checker app guides you to potential problems after you answer a set of questions about his or her symptoms.

GPS Tracking System

The wilderness is vast, so imagine what could happen if you lost your pal in it. Being in new stomping grounds can disorient your dog and yourself, making it difficult to find each other. The Tagg pet tracker is a great gadgetand app combo that uses GPS technology so you can keep tabs on your dog. The tracker is attached to your dog’s collar, so it’s easy to see your dog’s exact whereabouts on your phone.





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