8 Steps On How To Teach Your Dog To Ring Bell To Go Outside

8 Steps On How To Teach Your Dog To Ring Bell To Go Outside

Many people normally keep pets in their homes. These pets are wonderful creatures. If you have a pet in your home, you have to take good care of it. In addition, it is important that you teach your dog now and then. You can actually teach it to ring bell to go outside. This is not a difficult task. However, some people do not know how to teach their dogs to ring a bell to go outside. This process takes 4 to 8 weeks. You will realize that about 85% of the dogs can understand this process. However, you will realize that about 5% of the dogs actually get scared by the bell. This process is simple but you have to be consistent. The following are the steps to follow:

1. Get an appropriate bell.

It is very important that you get an appropriate bell for your dog. Some people like using jingle bells. However, you will realize that a jungle bell Teach Your Dog To Ring Bellnormally has a small hole that can actually catch the dog’s toenail. This is the reason why you should choose a small cowbell or a small desktop bell. These bells are there in the market. You can buy one for your dog.

2. Show the dog the bell.

You should show the dog the bell and gently ring it. Allow the dog to be familiar with the noise it makes. You will realize that some dogs are likely get startled if they touch the bell and they are not expecting it to ring. If you have a sensitive dog, you can muffle the sound and gradually let it ring louder.

3. Teach the dog the bell means treats.

You should put the bell in your pocket or other location that is out of sight. Periodically bring it out of hiding. Once you are through, give it several treats. Hide the bell and stop giving it treats. Repeat until the dog happily startles when it sees the bell is brought out of hiding.

4. Let the dog get impatient and touch the bell.

Bring the bell out of hiding as before but withhold the treat. Ensure that you hold the bell close to the dog’s nose. You will realize that the dog is likely to get impatient. It might bark and so on. You should ignore that. Try doing the exercise sitting on a chair. You will realize that the dog is likely to brush its nose against the bell. It thinks it should be getting treats because the bell is present. When it pushes its nose against the bell, click the clicker and give it a treat. Repeat the process until the dog learns how to touch the bell as soon as you bring it out of hiding.

5. Hang the bell on the door and keep your hands on the bell’s strap.

Repeat step 4 but hang the bell on the door that you intend to use. However, ensure that you keep your hand on the strap.

6. Gradually start taking your hand away.

Hang the bell on the door and move your hand 1-2 cms away from the bell. Click and treat each time your dog touches the bell. Gradually move your hand away a few centimeters at a time. Chances are, it will try to touch the bell in a moment or two. If it does not, temporarily move your hand closer to the bell. Repeat this process until your hand is completely away from the door and the bell.

7. Start walking away from the door.

You should start taking one step away from the door. Continue letting the dog ring the bell. Each time the dog touches the bell, click and treat. Gradually move further and further away from the door until you are approximately 5 meters away.

8. Hang the bell on the door and let it figure it out.

Before taking your dog outside, hang the bell on the door. Let the dog ring the bell once. Click and treat. Continue rewarding your dog for ringing the bell prior to going outside. Once you hear the bell ring, you must be ready to reward your dog with a treat and with a bathroom break. Reserve the bell for bathroom and breaks only.

Those are some of the steps on how to teach your dog to ring bell to go outside. Follow them and you will enjoy the results.

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