TARGET: Stop selling dangerous pet treats from China!


Target need to take pet treats that are made if China OFF their shelves 


I need your help to ask the Target Corporation to follow the example set by Petco and PetSmart and become the next national retailer to remove dangerous and potentially deadly pet treats from its stores. Target stores are responsible for a huge share of the national pet treat market.

Official figures indicate that 5,600 dogs, 24 cats, and 3 humans have become sick from contaminated jerky treats made in China. This figure sadly includes more than 1,000 dogs who suffered terribly and died. These illnesses are horrifying and often leave behind problems that will last the entire lives of our beloved pets.   The FDA is actively investigating jerky treats from China and has issued numerous warnings and cautions that there is an unknown substance in the treats that is harming pets.

Petco & Petsmart announced they are dropping pet treats made in China – we want TARGET to do the same!!
Let’s get this DONE ASAP! Target HAS responded to these petitions in the past – let’s strike while the iron is hot! has agreed to throw their support behind this petition – we need EACH of you to do the SAME.
We KNOW that Walmart will never agree to this without more pressure via their competition and consumers, so let’s keep the dominoes falling!!!

Petco and PetSmart just took the lead to remove all treats from China to protect our dogs and cats from future tragedies. Why won’t Target do the same? PROVE that you care about pets – and that we can trust you! Stop selling pet treats made in China!






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