Stray Cats in Are a Bigger Issue Than You Think Please Spay and Neuter Your Cats

Cats are wonderful pets when they are cared for properly. It saddens me as an animal lover that some people dump their cats and leave them on their own. Cats or any animal should never face such a terrible living environment they have to call home. They are not appropriately fed or given any fresh water to drink. Their only companion abandoned him/her, and now the cat is lonely on the streets. When a cat is starving and uncared for, the cat will eventually become territorial and feisty. Many people view these cats as aggressive but yet they need some love. Cat owners do not think of the long term consequences of abandoning their animals. The worst result of all is that they mate a lot. This causes chaos in the streets as unwanted cats are crawling the sewers. Exceptionally few cat owners choose to spay or neuter their animals. Therefore, an epidemic of stray kittens emerges. Stray cats tend to travel in small packs. Sadly, they spread terrible diseases to humans such as rabies, and feline leukemia. Fleas and ticks become a big problem as well. It is sad to know cats are so fearful of humans due to the abandonment at such a young age.


The United States has an estimated amount of 60 to 100 million homeless cats. These animals live short, painful lives on the streets. Although they contaminate individuals of contagious diseases, these conditions can quickly become deadly if left unnoticed. Stray cats or feral cats cause a huge threat to wildlife in America. The American Bird Conservancy estimates that these cats can kill millions of small mammals and birds in the United States. The population of wildlife continues to decrease including a bunch of endangered species such as the piping plover. Since cats are not native to this wildlife, they fail to fit into the ecosystem. Sharp odors are coming from unneutered male cats that are marking their territory. They also find small crawling spaces under sheds, dumpsters, and porches.


Cats roaming around in the community have to endure extreme weather conditions outside. Conditions include rain, snow, wind, sleet, and heat. Starvation and infection are two common reasons why stray cats live a short life. Unfortunately, kittens are born with the exposure of parasites and disease. Some humans wish for eradication of community cats with the use of poison, gassing, and trapping. Killing off populations in this manner is inhumane. If people took better care of their animals, there would never be a problem in the first place. We encourage you to encourage others. It is so important to love your animals as if they were your only companion. To them, you are their only companion for the rest of their lives. Cherish every moment with your pet. Let’s help this community-wide problem of stray cats. Keep your animals safe and Spay and Neuter your cats!



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