Specific Factors That Make Professional Pet Sitters So Special

Most professional pet sitters have made a commitment to provide their services on a full-time basis. To them, it is a career which they take quite seriously. As specialists in their area of practice, they are your best option when you need somebody to help take care of your pet.

Unlike the usual hobbyists, or relatives and friends, these people have the know-how and all A-Z skills of handling your precious animal. You can be sure that your pet and even your property is always in the right hands whenever you are away. Here is a list of factors which make these groups of people indispensable.


1. They Have the Right Qualifications and Training

Professional pet sitters have gone through the necessary education to care for all kinds of pets. The skills they possess allow them for your pet can identify any that your pet might experience.

They know all behavioral and health issues which the animal could be experiencing. They also adapt to timetable and portions for each and very pet under their care. Still, a professional sitter is also able to handle any arising emergency situations involving the animal.

2. They are Licensed, Insured and Bonded

Basically, these pet sitters run theirs as a business. It means they take this kind of profession quite seriously. As such they can easily care of both your home and pet in your absence.

You do not have to worry about cases of theft at your property if the pet sitter is caring for your pet from their familiar environment. It is because their services are insured against such delicate situations as theft.

3. They Have Huge Experience

More often than not, professional pet sitters handle a large number of pets. Therefore they come with hands-on experience e to take excellent care of your pet. They remain quite passionate and care for each animal as if it were their own.

4. To Them Communication Is Key

When you are away, a professional pet sitter will always keep you well informed of all that you need to know. In fact, they make daily recordings and take down back to back notes on the living situation and general behavior of your pet.

Sometimes this goes even go a notch higher; they can send you daily digital images, or text messages to inform you of the goings-on. Basically, they know that keeping you well informed helps to keep your mind at peace.

5. They offer Client Testimonials

Just like any other business, customer reviews are critical to the survival of the business. Professional pet sitters also have a lineup of their past and present clients. From the testimonials of these pet owners, you quickly get word on how well they did. You can also conduct further background checks, and see if there is anything that could be of concern.


These kinds of pet sitters come in quite handy and available whenever you need them the most. Professional pet sitters have seen, and handled all manner of pets; as such they are highly experienced and can monitor your pet, and also attend to all its needs as is if it were their own.

If you are in the South Charlotte area and need a professional pet sitter, call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting.



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