Reasons You Shouldn’t Leave Your Cats Unattended 


Reasons You Shouldn’t Leave Your Cats Unattended

Are you a Cat Owner? Key Reasons You Shouldn’t Leave Your Cats Unattended.

We all love cats; well most of us at least. It is estimated that about 35% of households in the United States have cats. The fluffy companions have become a welcomed addition in the family, so much so that many would consider a cat a member of the family. Unlike other pets, the gentle felines are graceful, comforting, and a joy to be around. Yet, in as much as we have made massive strides in the care and comfort for cats within the home- one of the aspects that are often overlooked is the health and safety of your cat when left alone in the house. Interestingly, there are some places that even the most avid of cat lovers will have to leave their cat at home. Think of an exotic holiday somewhere tropical, in the heart-melting embrace of your significant other. There is no much room for a cat there, is there?

In the constant hustle and bustle which has become synonymous with everyday work life as well as leisure, it is easy to forget and leave your cat unattended in the house, which can cause a myriad of problems for you and your cat. In fact, it is estimated that more than half of cat owners in the United States leave their cats alone, unattended when they leave the house to travel. Some of the immediate concerns include the possibility that your cat might get sick. With no one to tend to him, this could spell bad news for him, especially if you are on a holiday or an excursion which means you may not get home in time. Hiring a professional cat sitter to come in once or twice a day is a great way to make sure your feline is getting the love and attention he/she deserves.

Another tricky conundrum is the litter box.

One fact about cats is that they detest a dirty litter box. If left unattended the cat will find alternative convenient places to potty. This means that by the time you get home, your house may have metamorphosed into one large cat litter box. The smell alone would mean some additional expenses would be incurred to make your house habitable again.   The other issue is food. While most cat owners opt to leave a bowl of water and some food in the bowl, this is not recommended. This is because food left out will go bad in a few days and could even attract bugs.

Additionally, he may knock down the water bowl, forcing him to eat dry or otherwise spoilt food. This will predispose your cat to any number of disorders, or sicknesses, some of which are terminal. It is therefore absolutely important to make sure that your cat is well attended to while you are away, which ultimately works very well for you and your cat.

Lastly, your cat may just wander outside and get lost or get stolen or subject to prey. One key recommendation is to entrust your cat to a cat sitter. You may have someone come in and check on your cat while you are away, or entrust them to a professional cat sitter, for optimal pet care. After all, you cannot put a price on peace of mind.



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