Should You Shave Down Your Cat’s Hair?

Should You Shave Down Your Cat’s Hair?

Should You Shave Your Cats Hair Down? A certified veterinarian will tell you no. It is a common misconception that cutting a cat’s hair allows it to cool it’s temperature down during summer. Summer is a hot season, and the blazing temperatures are unbearable for humans. We strip down to lighter clothes and cut our hair shorter or hold it in buns to keep it from getting frizzy and messy by coming into contact with sweat.

Should You Shave Down Your Cat's Hair?The same case does not apply to cats. Unlike human hair, a cat’s hair is designed to regulate naturally it’s temperature. A cat’s coat keeps the animal cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Shaving a cat’s hair interferes with the inbuilt temperature regulating system. Cat’s do not get any benefits from being shaved and shaving them will make them uncomfortable in the soaring temperatures.

Taking away a natural cooling system from a cat can also lead to overheating and dehydration. Unlike a human who can tell that they’re dehydrated and get a drink of water, a cat can’t obviously know. You might get too occupied and forget to hydrate the animals. Dehydration is lethal and can lead to death.

Remember to keep your cat clean by bathing it regularly. Kindly stay away from harsh shampoos as they could be carcinogenic. You can also brush your cat’s hair to improve air circulation. If your cat’s hair is too long, you can just trim it down as opposed to shaving it down to the skin.

Should You Shave Down Your Cat’s Hair, however, has a few exceptions; a) If you love cats, but you’re allergic to animal hair or, b) If your cat has parasites. Parasites can make a cat uncomfortable, not forgetting the risk of the pests spreading to you and your family. Rather than using harsh chemicals, It is much safer to shave the cat’s hair to keep the parasites away. Therefore, only shave your cat’s hair down to the skin when you have absolutely no choice.

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