Should You Hire A Dog Walking/Pet Sitting Company That Only Has Independent Contractors ?


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Should you hire a dog walking/pet sitting company that only has Independent Contractors?  I had a new dog walking client from Weddington NC call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting today and ask me if we hire IC’s ( Independent Contractors) or do we have employee’s.  The answer is, we hire employees.  The reason being is we TRAIN our employees and we teach them how to care for pets in their care.  We want to make sure the people that work for us are pet loving, compassionate and caring AND that you are getting the quality service that you and your pets deserve.   We also have employees because we want them to be covered just in case they should get hurt on the job WC kicks in and they will not come after the homeowner.  It really is peace of mind.

If you hire a pet sitting company that hires IC’s, they are not covered under the company that you are hiring.  Really the company that you hire are really just hiring another person/company to do the job for them. So be sure you know who you are hiring before you sign any papers.

A professional pet sitting company such as Love an Kisses knows that pet sitters who are independent contractors cannot be trained, its against the law and knowing that they are not covered by WC Insurance, why would any pet sitting company owner choose to hire IC’s?  The answer is quite simple, it is a lot cheaper for a business owner to have IC’s because they are not require to pay for payroll taxes, workers comp insurance or liability insurance.

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting/Dog Walking hires only employees.  So you and I will and my employees have peace of mind.



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