Should You Have a Doggie Door For Your Pets? Indian Trail Pet Sitter Give You Her Thoughts

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Doggie Door For Your Pet?  Yes or No

A doggie door can either be permanent or temporary (removable structures) as in the case of sliding doors. The essence of the door is to allow for the free exit and entrance of your dogs. Many of these doors have locks that owners can use to restrict their pets when they are too busy to supervise them. There is no doubt that installing a doggie door has both its advantages and disadvantages, and we are going to consider some of them.
  • With a doggie door, you will not have to take your dog out on your own. Apart from providing a free access to play and receive fresh air, a doggie doors primary function is to allow your dog to eliminate whenever the urge arises. You will no longer need to bother yourself probably if you are very busy, or usually used to coming home from a long distance during your lunch break to take your dog out. With a doggie door, your dogs can come and go without any assistance.
  • Doggie doors prevent your dogs from messing in your home. Dogs that have no opportunity to go outside for a long period of time have high tendencies to relieve themselves indoor. As we all know, feces and urine can cause odors and make the environment favorable for bacteria. Apart from that, it can also be difficult to clean up. A dog that has an easy access to go out through a doggie dog when necessary will likely not potty in your home.
  • Since the typical doggie door will require homeowners to cut holes in their walls so as to make the installation, this could be a problem for some renters without owner’s permission. And since it can potentially cause damage to the structure. In this case, a temporary doggie door would suffice.
  • If forgot to lock, it can also be an access for any stray animal, or even persons, that is if the door is large enough for a person to enter your home. Strayed animals can bring bacteria, and even dirt and diseases into your home which can affect both you and your pet. I have heard some stories of snakes, rabbits and other small animals entering through a person’s doggie door. If criminals use the doggie door to gain access into your home, they can steal items without raising any suspicion. 

As a home and pet owner, you should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of installing doggie doors before you go ahead to do one. It is also important to decide if the permanent or temporal one is the most appropriate for you. Doggie doors may not be the best options for all owners, but they can be a great convenience for some. 

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