Should Pregnant Women Clean The Cats Litter Box? Indian Trail Pet Sitter Is Here To Help You.




Did you know that cat poop is very dangerous to pregnant women?

I had a client call me a few years ago and to ask if she could set up an every other day cat litter cleaning.  I asked her why she need that service and she explained to me that she was pregnant and her Dr. advised her not to go near the cats litter box while pregnant.  So of course we started up right away with the schedule of every other day cat litter cleaning.

Read below some more information that may help with some important information re: your cats litter and the pregnant women.

Drs. E. Fuller Torrey and Robert H. Yolken: It is true that some cat poop contains Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite for which cats and other felines are the definitive host. This parasite can affect the fetus if a woman becomes infected while pregnant. That is why pregnant women are warned against changing cat litter.
You don’t have to give up you cat but you can hire Love and Kisses Pet sitting can come and clean out your litter box if you are pregnant. Just another  service to add to the list of things  that we do. Please share with soon to be moms if they have a cat at home.

Here is the link for more information.


Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is always there to care for you cat with with daily cat sitting visits while you are out of town on vacation also.  Give us call to set up your free meet and greet.  We are bonded and insured for your protection.  We take pride in caring for all your pets.



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