Should I Shave Down My Cat’s Hair?

Should I Shave Down My Cat's Hair?

Should I Shave Down My Cat’s Hair?

Scenario 1: It is hot out there.

People are perspiring away and the cat is sprawled out on the toilet tile with the appearance of “Help me! Please!” The cat is behaving as if it might cease to live from the heat exhaustion. Scenario 2: The whole house is covered with cat fur, your buddies are sneezing and you also are confused. Exactly what can enhance the quality of lifestyle for you, your mates, and your cat?

The question might arise in your mind: “Should I have my cat fur shaved down?” Yes, do it! It is going to get rid of those annoying fur balls and also cool the kitty down as well, right? Wrong: Shaving a cat might be hazardous to its health and trigger possible long lasting damage.

Myth #1: Shaving household pets cools them down

. The greatest misconception that individuals have regarding shaving pets is the fact that removing fur helps to cool their pets down. Animal fur is not really the same as the human hair. Animals possess layers of fur which act as an insulating material to their entire body, keeping them comfortable in the winter season as well as cool in the summer time. The removal of that fur can, in fact, lead to the core temperature of your furry friend getting way too high. Cats, in particular, are much better at controlling their body temperature compared to dogs, plus they can shift to a cooler area in case they feel too hot; however, it is far better to let their fur help to cool them down the natural way.

Myth #2: Cats like the feeling of uncovered skin.

In case you have got a naturally furless cat, it is at a high risk for sunburn. Cats might not mind being undressed; nevertheless it really does pose a threat to their health and wellbeing. Take attention to keep the lightly colored pets out of the sun, and use sunscreen as required to the furless cats. Unnecessarily exposing a cat’s delicate skin to the sunlight can result in cancer later on in its life. Fortunately, cats are intelligent and usually move out of the sun rays before any kind of damage may be done.

Myth #3: Your cat will not mind a shave.

Pet cats may become scarred by the shaving procedure. There are lots of sensitive areas on its body and you do not wish to nick them at any place. The clippers become hot, and you do not want to burn the cat’s skin. If you really feel the necessity of getting your cat shaved, take the help of an expert. Specialists definitely will know how to shave a pet without injuring it.

In case, your kitty has a medical emergency, in that case, at all cost let the vets shave it. Should you have problems where your pet is unable to groom itself, then opting for shaving could be a solution.

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