Should I Put My Dog in a Kennel or Hire an In Home Pet Sitter?


Should I Put My Dog in a Kennel or Hire an In Home Pet Sitter?

Should I Put My Dog in a Kennel or Hire an In Home Pet Sitter?

To Kennel or not to Kennel?

Should I Put My Dog in a Kennel or Hire an In Home Pet Sitter?   That is the question, and the answer is….please do not kennel your dogs. Whether your dog is a puppy, mature, or any age in between, a kennel is not always the best place to send your beloved pet. Kennels are often crowded and impersonal and there is a chance of contracting kennel cough. The sights, sounds, and smells of a kennel are so foreign to your dog, the experience can also be very stressful.
This next paragraph is from a new pet sitting client of mine….. I kenneled my two-year-old Husky when I took a four day vacation. I decided to use the kennel associated with the obedience school I had used. The caregivers seemed to genuinely love animals and took the time to show me the facility and explain the daily routine and play schedule. With a knot in my stomach, I dropped her off and went on my way. Four days later, I returned to find my dog with a serious bladder infection. She was so stressed in the kennel environment (being caged and surrounded by other dogs twenty-four hours a day), she hadn’t done ANY of her business since I dropped her off. After hearing her scream when trying to urinate and an expensive visit to the after-hours vet, I learned my lesson—my dog would not return to a kennel.
Pet owners have a difficult decision to make if they need or want to travel without their pets. There are several options available—kennels, neighbors, friends, family, and pet sitters. It is a difficult decision to make, but consider what environment is best for your dog. Where will he or she feel most comfortable? Who will he or she respond best to? Which way will provide the least amount of change for your dog? Which choice will create the least amount of stress for your dog and you?
Using a pet sitter is often the best answer. Your dog will stay in his or her usual setting, get individual attention, and have less stress over the changes. Pet sitting has become so popular, it is often easy to find someone in your own neighborhood who provides this service. Take time
to meet with the sitters, introduce your dog to them, ask questions, check references, and pay attention to your dog’s responses. Sometimes they are the best judge of character.
We here at Love and Kisses Pet Sitting are here for all your pet sitting and dog walking need.  We care for all domestic pets.  Cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, etc.  give us a call at 704-763-9857 or click below and fill out the quick form.  I look forward to hearing from you.




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