Should I Hire A Cat Sitter Or Board My Cat? Indian Trail Cat Sitter Explain’s

Cat in Boarding Kennel

Should I Hire a Cat Sitter or Board My Cat?

I get calls from clients asking me, “should I hire a cat sitter or should I board my cat.”  My answer is ” do you want your cat locked up in a tiny cage or what they are used to?”  I would NEVER board my cat.  Cats are awesome little creatures and don’t need much care so why would you lock them up in a cage for a week or more with nothing to do but turn in a crate and poop in a litter box?

If it is a matter of pricing it is probably less to have a cat sitter come in and clean your litter box and feed and give fresh water.   If you put your cat in a kennel to board them, they have to listen to dogs barking and crying all day.  Do you understand how very stressful that is on a cat?  Not good at all.

kitties in boarding kennel

Give Love and Kisses Pet Sitting a call and we can discuss your cat sitting needs and help you keep your kitty cat safe and happy while you are out of town on vacation.

We scoop litter, give fresh water and play with your kitty cat.  Water your plants, bring in your mail and rotate lights to make it look like you are home.  We send you daily updates and ever pictures of you cat/dog.

Don’t put your cat in a stressful situation, call us we are the professionals.




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