Should I Have My Cat Declawed?

 Should I have my cat declawed?

Should I Have My Cat Declawed?

The obvious question that arises in every cat owner’s mind is ‘ Should I have my cat declawed?  This comes into picture when the pet shreds up the sofa sets, pillows, chairs, etc. and mess up the living room. Even the owners who really care about their cats sometimes decide to remove those fore claws.

But would this practice be inhumane and hurt the natural behavior of the cat? No, definitely not. De-clawed cats live a fun life just like any other cat with claws. If the operation is conducted by a senior and experienced veterinary doctor, using right methods, the pet would not be under any pain and will continue to lead a normal life. Any abnormality seen in the cat like re-growth of the nails or pain in the paws would be due to the wrong operative method used. It is the responsibility of the doctor and not the procedure by itself.

When is it completely necessary to de-claw the cat?

> If there is more than one pet in the house and the cat is causing injuries to the other pets.
> If the cat has some medical conditions and infections which could worsen due to the claw.
> If the cat is behaving abnormally aggressive and physically hurting the family members.
> The physical health of the owner would also influence the decision. If the owner has a serious disease like cancer, heart infection or AIDS, then a scratch could have a bad impact and threaten the life of the individual. Then, declawing becomes inevitable.
> When difference of opinion rises among the family members or neighbors on the issue of the cat, the final resolve may be to declaw the pet. This often is the case as people who do not like the pet much may feel irritated by its behaviour and activities.

The above mentioned situations need the cat to be declawed. Thus, the owner needs to consider them before taking the decision. But, it should be noted that the practice is not inhumane if done in the right way.

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