Should I Feed My Cat Tuna Fish?

Should I Feed My Cat Tuna Fish?

Should I Feed My Cat Tuna Fish?

Feeding Tuna Fish To Cat- Pros And Cons  How often do you ponder over the question: Should I feed my cat Tuna Fish? Well, as a cat owner you must be well acquainted with all the pros and cons of feeding human foods to your cat. Yes, cats are extremely fond of seafood, and they absolutely love Tuna Fish. However, it is imperative to understand how good is Tuna for your cat!

Some smells are mouthwatering to cats and Tuna is one of them. It has an extremely strong smell and taste so most of the cats become addicted to it. Since they are natural fish lovers, they are drawn to the piquant aroma of Tuna. It is believed that Tuna Fish as a treat is totally harmless. It is a wonderful source of protein, and it also provides a healthy amount of omega 3s.

However, if given as a steady diet, it can pose danger to your cat’s health. Since it is loaded with unsaturated fats, if your cat is fed Tuna Fish as a main diet, these acids can destroy Vitamin E, and cause a disease known as “yellow fat disease”. This disease leads to lumps in their fatty tissue which in turn hardens the tissue, and causes pain when the cat moves.

Another reason is that Tuna is nutritionally incomplete. It lacks the appropriate nutrients like taurine which is an indispensable amino acid for your cat. In addition to this, Tuna Fish contains mercury which is extremely toxic, and this can lead to neurological and brain damage. If it is consumed as a main diet, the mercury can slowly build up in your cat’s system, and lead to an increased risk of poisoning.

As it is said, “All Things Should Be In Moderation”, hence, Tuna Fish is believed to be best and healthy only if given to your cat as an occasional snack! So you must limit it to a treat!



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