Should I Bathe My Cat?

Bathe your cat

Should I Bathe My Cat?

Bathe your cat?  Really? Cats are known to kill most of their daytime grooming themselves, and honestly, they are experts at it. It’s the reason why it may sound strange when someone talks about bathing a cat, right? However, it may shock you to discover that you do need to bathe a cat but it’s not an absolute necessity.

Why should you bathe a cat?

– It keeps a cat cleaner

While most cats do wash themselves by licking their fur to get rid of dirt, parasites and dead hair, it may not be up to human standards. Humans consider the licking in cats as just a basic way for cats to clean themselves in the wild and not good enough to let a cat sleep on a white pillow. Therefore, bathing your cat will give you an obvious advantage.

– It reduces shedding

Most cat owners often complain of living and sleeping with a cat’s fur everywhere especially for the breeds with the long or soft coats. Giving your feline friend a shower is enough to rinse the dead hair away and also reduce shedding on surfaces.

It’s also necessary to note that as the cat is being bathed, she may undergo intense stress which may result in more shedding. The shedding will stop when the bath is over.

– It improves the coat appearance

As long as you use a suitable shampoo and coat conditioner, you are guaranteed a shiny and healthier coat. These products also reduce dandruff and if you observe regular brushing, you can be sure of a mat-free coat.

– It stops fleas and other parasites

If your cat suffers severe flea infestation, a bath is highly recommended, but it has to be accompanied by a flea control shampoo. These are available in veterinary clinics where the vet may be able to bathe your cat and offer more tips on those tiny pests.

It’s necessary for obese cats

Obese and arthritic cats may find it difficult to groom or bathe themselves properly. Therefore, occasional baths for these are vital to keep the skin and coat healthy.

Are there any drawbacks of washing cats?

While there are numerous benefits of washing your kitty, there might be some drawbacks too. For instance, the use of some shampoos can be allergic to your cat. Additionally, some cats are hard to handle while bathing but the good news is that you may not be doing this often or at all.

How often should you bathe a cat?

An average indoor cat can be bathed one or two times a year, but it would not be a sin if you never Bathe your feline pal. In fact, most people don’t, and cats are okay with it.

Long-haired cats need more frequent bathing and brushing. For show-quality purebred cats, you may need to Bathe them before every show.

Indoor cats need fewer baths as compared to outdoor ones. They accumulate less dirt, and the coats may look poor with time.

Remember that bathing your cat will depend on his level of aggression and personality. If your cat is hostile and hisses during baths, it’s advisable that you stop bathing him and consider your priorities. Who wants to have a clean cat while resting on a hospital bed?

Do you wash your cat? How often do you do it?

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